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Grand Palace, King's Palace Thailand

King’s Palace Thailand

The Grand Palace in Bangkok was used as the residence of the King of Thailand until 1925. Since then its only used for special occasions and for tourists. King’s Palace Thailand is very large, has a combined area of 2,351,000 sq ft, and is surrounded by four walls. The palace building and the amount of people it holds reminded me of Disneyland. It’s that big!!! Because it is a sacred area, shoulders and knees must be covered. Posting this in the memory of the King of Thailand. Thai King Bhumibol Adulyadej dies at 88 on Oct. 13, 2016.

This article is for the Arm Chair Tourist and Travelers that want to go to The Royal Grand Palace. History and directions to find the Grand Palace.


King's Palace Thailand,

Why Visit the Grand Palace

The Grand Palace is not only majestic but beautiful. Visitors get a sense of culture and come to understand the magnitude of the power of the King. Gold, gems, huge buildings and a sense of what Thailand is all about. There are a few temples that are a must see and this is one of them. Another temple to visit is Wat Po, which is a very short walk from the Grand Palace. 


History of Grand Palace

The Grand Palace is made up of a number of buildings. The King’s Palace Thailand construction began in 1782 by King Buddha Yoda Chulaloke.  This is when the seat of power was moved from Chonburi to Bangkok. Originally the palace we made using wood.



New Residence of the King

In 1782 the King crossed the river to make the new palace his residence. Because wood was the only material available when the palace was first built, the king began rebuilding the King’s Palace Thailand with masonry. He rebuilt the walls, gates forts and even the throne has of the royal residences. Because there was a shortage of supplies the King went to Ayutthaya and brought the bricks back from the ruins that were left after the war with Burma and Siam in 1767. The King was careful not take any of the materials from the temples in Ayutthaya, the previous capital. 


Comparisons of Scale

When I entered the grounds I felt overwhelmed because of the amount of people and the size or immensity of the buildings and grounds. Most of the buildings are covered in both gold and ceramics along with jewels. The “Grand” became more than a name for me. Once inside the walls, its seems like its more of a fantasy then reality. That’s when it struck me, it seemed like Disney World in Florida because of all the people and the amount of building. The difference of course is Disney World is fantasy, the Grand Palace is real! There were no rides, but there’s plenty to see and learn about Thailand’s culture at the same time. Kings and royalty is new to a lot of us westerners. UK is used to it but American’s are not.






 Construction Continues 1900’s and beyond

New buildings were constructed in the 1920’s in another location for the King to reside. The Grand Palace changed to being used only for special events and occasions. By 1925 the king was no living at the Grand Palace.






King's Palace Thailand,


King's Palace Thailand,



King's Palace Thailand,


King's Palace Thailand, Grand Palace,


Grand Palace,

Transportation to the Grand Palace

Transportation alternatives to King’s Palace Thailand are walking, tuk tuk, taxi and river ferry if coming from the Riverside or Khao San Area. Taxi fares from these areas should be under 100 baht depending on the time. The Tuk Tuk’s generally charge more, its good to make sure to say “meter” or negotiate the fare before you decide to get into a taxi or tuk tuk. I asked my desk receptionist how much I should be paying to take a taxi and they will probably know.

I had an experience one day walking to Wat Pho and If you’re walking, be aware of people approaching and saying Grand Palace is closed. They want to divert you to taking a Tuk Tuk (conveniently close by) to another location. The Grand Palace hardly ever closes. It closed for the weekend during the mourning of the King’s death during Oct. 13, 2016. Otherwise its open. 


History of Kings Palace

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