Coffee Shop Bangkok- Rickys Restaurant

Coffee Shop Bangkok – Rickys Restaurant

Riverside Restaurant Bangkok – Ricky Cafe

Nestled between the shops on a busy street on Paarthit Road., sits Ricky Restaurant in Old Town Bangkok, also called Riverside Bangkok.

Ricky Coffee Bangkok

This Coffee Shop Bangkok is a quant restaurant which is next to the sidewalk and is great for people watchings as people passing by on foot, car, tuk tuk and motorbikes. I love places where you can watch what people are doing. Tourists exploring the city, people going to work and the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

It’s funny with all the traffic zooming by it’s very relaxing here. Music plays its French music today.  As you sit in this cafe, you’re in your own kind of zone, maybe its the quant look, the people sitting sipping their coffee, and the small talk around you.

Open Air Bangkok Restaurant

This is another open air restaurant like many others in Bangkok, but the dark wood bar and stools and small tables offer up a kind of atmosphere you’d have in a good dream or movie. Today the weather is perfect, sunny, warm, not hot and nice humidity.  This is paradise today!

Ricky's coffee frontage, Coffee Shop Bangkok
Street view of the front of Ricky’s Restaurant.

Better Crowd in this Cafe

Earlier this morning I had coffee at another cafe as a group of five at 8 A.M., and they were smoking cigarettes and drinking beer. That was not the problem, but you could hear them down the block they were so loud, and everyone was annoyed, but put up with it.  Nothing like that here at Ricky’s Coffee.  Good food, relaxing conversations, good atmosphere, all the things you’re looking for when you visit a cafe.   This presents a space in time, where you just want to enjoy the moment and not think about much but enjoying yourself.

Great menu at this Bangkok Old Town Restaurant

I love the menu, the first time I had only had the egg and cheese muffin with bacon. Home made muffin, generous bacon and cheese and delicious too.  Not McDonald’s that’s for sure.

Bar sitting area, Coffee Shop Bangkok,
Ricky coffee cafe bar

Second Time at Ricky Coffee Bangkok

Today at Ricky Coffee Bangkok I ordered a Mexican Omelet with toast and jam.  Yes, Mexican food in Bangkok, they have everything here and the chili peppers go well with Mexican food. This Omelet was wrapped tight but I could taste the peppers and it was not too spicy, but had a little bite that is right for most tourist. a little heat but not too much.  Tomato, onion, garlic, chili, a good amount of seasoning for most everyone. I love the spice of peppers and they serve Thai food here, I went for the extra peppers.  Love the taste and heat of those Thai peppers.

Riverside Bangkok

This area is known as a tourist area, but its one of the least expensive areas in Bangkok and has a lot of character too it. Because its a tourist area, the spices they use here is not as hot as you would think for Thailand. You can always ask for more or less heat.

Mexican Omelet and toast, Bangkok breakfast,
Ricky’s restaurant – Mexican Omelet for breakfast

This photo represents the Omelet served to me exactly as they served it.

Priced at 85 baht, or just under $3.00 USD 2015

My grade is 3.5 stars…A very good grade by my standards.  I’ll be back…

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