How to Travel Asia

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Destinations in Asia

How to Travel Asia: Your Guide to Food, Fun & Good Health

What a Way to Travel Asia

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How to Travel Asia covers attractions, culture, & how to travel safely.

Destinations like Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia are covered.

Look for Travel e-books coming soon. 

Food & Restaurants

Learn about local Asian foods. How to travel Asia identifies how each country has their own speciality foods. Restaurant reviews, cooking classes, recipes, and many uniques foods to try. 

Alternative Health

SE Asia has a great amount of natural health practices. Yoga, massage, acupuncture, herbs and food as medicine. How to travel Asia explores what’s available in Asian cities.

About Travel Food Heath

Thomas Levine

Thomas has a unique background covering different aspects of media, food, and natural health. Since 1991 he has been working as an Advertising Photographer with national and international clients for magazine, catalog, billboards, posters etc.

Thomas also has a bachelor degree with minors in Relationship Psychology, Sociology, Business, & Biology. Coming from a family that was both artistic and involved in several businesses, one being a restaurant.

Between his education and involvement in family businesses, Thomas has a well rounded view that helps him write about his travels. Travel Asia is particularly interesting because of the ancient civilization and history of the area and the cultures.

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