8 Habits to Balance Your Health

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Dr. Beth Gineris MA, MBA, MSOM, DOM, Board Certified Integrative Medicine Practitioner, Founder of Instinctive Health Medicine.

If you Balance Your Health it will change your life. Staying healthy is very important to all of us and we are delighted Dr. Gineris is helping with suggestions on how to feel better.  Many of us do not practice preventative care. Dr. Gineris will educate and motivate us to have a happier and healthier life.

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Dr. Gineris knows about Chinese & Western Medicine after years of study and practice.  Please keep in mind what she is guiding us to do, its not how Chinese or Western Medicine works.  If some of this information sounds very foreign to you, don’t worry, listen to the advice she gives to keep you healthy.  The important thing is to use the information to help create  a more healthy Lifestyle.  Dr. Gineris designed this program into a step by step program.

Please read with an open mind!

Chinese Medicine, Balance your health,More and more people are realizing that Chinese Medicine is as important as western medicine and using both can help us maintain our health.  Some of the information below is common sense if you think about it, and many people are already practicing these principals even it they don’t know it.  If you practice Yoga you are already using some of what Dr. Gineris is suggesting for us to do. If you’re open-minded, this information can help you maintain your health.

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balance line on triangle, balance your health,Chinese Medicine has been in practice for several thousand years. Because it is new to some of us we discount its use, but now more people are beginning to listen because they are hearing success stories.  It’s tried and true in other parts of the world, it may seem different to many of us, and doesn’t use western kind of science, but in Asia its been used successfully. Dr. Gineris combines both Western and Modern knowledge to help her patients stay healthy. Read about the 8 Habits to Balance Your Health.

I hope you enjoy this information and use it to maintain your health and feel better!

8 Habits to Balance Your Health

By Beth Gineris, MA, MBA, MSOM, DOM, Board Certified Integrative Medicine Practitioner, Founder of Instinctive Health Medicine.

One of my favorite Professors in my Chinese medical school, Dr. Lyndsey Tunnell, was an innovative thinker. He taught me that Chinese Medicine addresses everyday habits as a way to balance Spirit, Mind and Body and maintain balance through these. 

When you focus on your eating, sleeping, drinking, exercise, and stress reduction habits and make adjustments to these various systems, you allow for a return for yourself to balance in health.

From a Chinese medicine point of view you would be treating Yin and Yang and Shen (spirit), Qi (energy and mind) and Xue (blood or physical systems) and bring these into balance allowing for each to flow easily and without stagnation during their proper times, allowing for balance within the system. This is a complicated, integrated system that has a natural flow to it. When you don’t get enough sleep, don’t eat whole, healthy, food in a balanced way, don’t get sufficient exercise, think negatively, or get stuck in negative thinking patterns, then you get stagnant, deficient or out of balance in your health which can lead to illness and disease. Balance your health is important to a longer life. 

Using information from Eastern and Western medicine I have identified a strategy for health. The following Eight Habits to Change your Life and return to balance are supported by western and eastern medical philosophy, nutrition and theory.

Breath is the First Habit

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Breath is the First Habit

First – Breath is the First habit, Breathe! Breathe deeply and fully, Breathe mindfully. It is tied ­in to the practice of Mindful Meditation, Conscious rituals of Prayer, and various Focused Breathing practices. The practice of MBSR (mindfulness Based stress reduction), a western medical meditation program that reduces stress and uses daily or twice daily breathing practices to redirect and refocus your energy. The eastern medical practices of mindful meditation and Yoga also focus breath and connect breathing, stress reduction and balanced health. Going in to Nature, the natural environment every day, reconnecting to the earth through calm, quiet, breathing and mindful, meditative walking in nature increases your natural deep breathing and reconnection to the power of the earth.

In Chinese medicine theory a specific amount of ‘kidney qi’, primary inner strength is part of your natural health… some are stronger some are weaker in kidney qi…this is not unlike the concept of DNA strength of western medicine. From a Chinese medical theory perspective there are only two ways to strengthen your Qi: Da Qi (Lung Qi, the Qi of breath) and Gu Qi (the Qi you get from food). To strengthen your Da Qi (your lung Qi) you need to practice deep breathing through any of these above identified techniques. Additionally, smoking cigarettes and marijuana dramatically depletes your Qi beyond the assault on your lungs it affects the entire Energy (Qi) system and your integrated organ system. This is supported through western medical system as well: Smoking negatively affects the cardiovascular, endocrine, urological, digestive, immunological, and hepatic systems.

Eat the Rainbow

Eat the Rainbow

Second – eat the Rainbow, look for the colors of the rainbow on your plate every day to increase your access to antioxidant strength; and eat foods that are primarily prepared by you or someone you love. Eating the Rainbow is a nutritional concept and phrase that is found in Ayurvedic, Chinese Medicine, and Western Medicine. Specific Foods and colors and connected to the five elements of fire, earth, metal, water, and wood; these help you to strengthen various organ systems in your body and assist you in maintaining health or resetting your healthy balance. This is how energy is increased or depleted via Gu Qi (the energy of food).

This is part and parcel to the concepts of eating the rainbow, eating whole foods, eating local foods, and eating foods primarily prepared by you or someone you love (loves you). Food is the basics of our human operating system. When you eat food that is balanced grown and processed in a loving and caring manner there is simply more usable Qi in the food. When you eat overly processed food, that is produced in an uncaring, negative, hurtful manner you get less usable Qi in that food…and in some cases you get food that can negatively affect your various human systems, endocrine, adrenal, digestive, immune, and cardiovascular. This in combination with poor Da Qi (breath), and increased constant stress result in dramatic imbalance in your health and human operating system.

Drink Water

Kwai-Sept-2015-5330-73Third – Water a necessary health balancer: drink 3­-4 liters of water each day. Most people are chronically dehydrated and use beverages (colas, caffeine) that further dehydrate them throughout the day. Water is a natural cleanser. It is necessary for proper health at the cellular level in your human operating systems. It’s required for memory, learning, thinking skills, muscle strength, immune systems, digestive systems, and endocrine systems. It flushes out toxins from the cellular to larger physical level. Some common indications of dehydration include migraine headaches, memory issues, insomnia, irritability, dizziness, constipation, dry mouth, edema, dry skin and dry joints resulting in painful joints.

Exercise 5 – 7 Hours a Week


Exercise 5-7 hrs/wk.

Fourth, Exercise 5 – 7 hours a week. In March 2010 a new Harvard, 13 year study was released that showed that woman need an hour a day of exercise to maintain their healthy body­mass­index weight. This is especially true for women over 50. For anyone who has been following the old guidelines 20 minutes 3­4 times a week or even daily, and getting few results, this is no surprise.

SLEEP 7­ – 8 Hours Each Night

sleep 7­-8 hours

Fifth – One of the most important health Habit is the Fifth habit – SLEEP, sleep 7­-8 hours each night and get to sleep by 11pm. Sleep is the greatest reformer. A Changing this one habit can effect in the positive your thinking skills. Children need 10 hours. Sleep deprivation increases stress on your body and interferes with clear, quick, thinking; many people become irritable and have less capacity to deal with stress when sleep deprived.

Sleep deprivation is one of the major reasons for lack of productivity in the workforce. One common problem for many is a magnesium and vitamin D deficiency addition of these to your daily regime can assist you in sleeping and living more fully.

Extinguish Anger & Frustration

Beth-relationships-16-73Sixth – address anger and frustration early to extinguish them from your daily routine. Mindfulness and paradigm shifting are difficult to do. When in an angry defensive communication and angry, frustrated or fearful, internal sensing position. Release of these stagnating patterns via mindfulness and present moment interaction is paramount for health.

Positive Flow in Your Life

Beth-mindfulness-5362-73Seventh – Focus on how to flow positively in your life to reduce stress and create success. Focus on what you want rather than what you fear. Remove obstacles in your thinking and relationships so that you are living congruently with your values and belief systems.

 Mindful Present Moment Energy to Relationships

Beth-relationships-6774-73Eighth – apply mindful, present moment energy to your relationships and negotiations. Figure/ground perception and response–ability in the world is most beneficial, and presents opportunity for connection and growth. This is a great place to practice Compassion, understanding, and forgiveness.

So there’s a Sneak peak into my new book about Instinctive Health Medicine to integrate Spirit, Mind, and Body and return to balance.

Look and Feel More Alive and Youthful in 8 weeks

Look and Feel More alive and more youthful in just 8 weeks. In coming weeks each of these will be discussed in more detail with ways to get you on track and help you heal yourself through the incorporation of these habits into your everyday life.

Add a new habit each week, in the order presented, and you will find yourself happier, more vital and less stressed at the end of 8 weeks.

Start today and watch what happens.

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