Alternative Healing Saved My Knee

Alternative Healing

Underwater swimmer, Alternative Healing, Saving my Knee
Swimming is one of the things that helped to save my knee. (This photo is for illustrative purposes only).

Alternative Medicine Saved My Knee

Alternative Healing to Keep Original Knee

As ordered by my doctor, I spent five months on crutches in Fort Lauderdale in 2013 after falling on a slate floor; my knee hit the floor first! When I began my journey to Asia, I used this knowledge and began to believe in other forms of medicine than western medicine.  Herbs, vitamins, an ultrasound device along with swimming laps for exercise and blood circulation are all the ways I kept my knee after the doctor said, “okay try it, but I don’t think it will work”.

Knees and Slate Floors Don’t Mix

I fell on a slate floor on my good knee as I was trying to protect the other one. All 185 lbs. hit that solid floor. Initially the diagnosis was a bad knee sprain with a torn meniscus; the surgeon performed surgery to repair the meniscus tear in my knee.  Then it was time for physical therapy.

Swelling Began with Walking

After completing physical therapy, I went back to work but my knee swelled up whenever I stood or walked any distance on it. The doctor said I’d be ok after the meniscus surgery. Even though it swelled I keep working on rehabilitating, but the more I walked, the more it swelled and the more painful it got.  The insurance company thought I was faking the pain, but finally they agreed to sent me for an MRI.

The Bone Was Dying

It was determined that I had avascular necrosis, which is a condition when the bone begins to die due to blood vessels no longer circulating blood to the bone.  After meniscus surgery and rehab, my doctor gave me the sad news, the only thing he could do was to have knee replacement surgery. He put me on crutches before the dead bone in my knee collapsed from my weight.

Alternative Medicine vs. Surgery

Alternative Healing is becoming more common and I have always believed that I needed to do everything possible to avoid surgery. I began to do my own research on my condition, I contacted Barry’s Vitamins in Boca Raton who put me on a herbal mixture with nitric oxide.

My doctor ordered me to stay on crutches because the bone was dying. In a weakened state, the bone could break if I put all my weight on it.  The doctor said if the bone broke, it would be extremely painful.  Surgery was recommended right away to replace the knee.

I thought if I could increase both the oxygen level in my blood, and increase my circulation, my body might heal itself.  This was an injury, not some kind of auto immune disease.  The body heals itself under certain conditions especially with the help from nutrition and exercise.  I was told not to walk without crutches, but my doctor said I could swim.  It made common sense to me that this might work.

How I Avoided Knee Replacement

I began doing a combination of things to heal my knee with a lot of hope thrown in. Swimming, a home ultrasound device, and taking a mixture of Nitric Oxide from Barry’s Vitamins to help oxygen get to my knee and blood vessels.

The Doctor order MRI’s a number of times, the bone still showed no circulation. For months I went back to the doctor and between my exercise and more MRI’s, it was hard to see any improvement.  I was now swimming up to an hour 4 to 6 times a week.

New Knee or Old Knee

Wanting to keep my knee, I began to interview anyone I could find with a knee replacement or if they knew of someone with one. I heard both good stories and bad. It came down to the fitting of the knee. It’s basically how good of a job your doctor does when he appropriates the right size.

Desperation Set In

When something like this happens, you end up trying as many things as you can to repair the damage, with surgery as the last resort. Surgery would have been faster, but much more painful and I would no longer have my own knee.

I changed my diet to eat more vegetables, and began to take algae supplements.  The doctor knew about an ultra sound bone healing system and ordered a unit for me to take home. My surgeon did not have much experience with my condition, and I do not think he believed any of this would work, but he followed my wishes, and kept the insurance company off my back for a number of months to give my body a chance to heal itself.

Miraculous Results

Long story short, what I did worked, and a year later my knee is not perfect, but it’s about 95% and I am not in pain.  I can’t tell you which thing worked, was it was the exercise, herbs, or the ultrasound machine, or a combination? Whatever worked, I’m happy I still have my own knee!

I am not receiving any money from the companies I mentioned.  This isn’t a recommendation, but a story of about what I used to heal my condition.  As I mentioned above, having no idea any of this helped, it could have been the exercise alone, or a combination of everything.

I believe without the exercise, I would have had to had knee replacement surgery. Sometimes you have to try whatever you can as long as you educate yourself first, and then make a decision on a course of action.  Surgeons want to cut, but my surgeon went along with what I wanted to try, as long as I stayed on the crutches and the insurance company went along with it.

Where I bought my herbal mix: Barry’s Vitamins and Herbs

Contains arginine a nitric oxide precursor to support healthy circulation and deliveries oxygen to working muscles.

Thank you for reading:  Thomas

Exogen bone healing system

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