Bangkok Life Fire in Old Town

Bangkok Life

Fire in Old Town Bangkok

This article is about Bangkok Life and is geared toward the Arm Chair Traveler and watching the Bangkok Fire Department put out a fire in the Riverside/Old Town area of Bangkok.

The Bangkok Fire Department fights a fire close to Khoisan Road. It was touch and go for a little while as the Bangkok City Firemen fought not only the flames; also the ability to fit together all their hoses with water and pressure. This area of Bangkok is very old and it’s a dangerous place for a fire because of the wood structures in this area.

This video follows the work of the one man who is in charge of all the hoses and connections. This is the trenches and where much of the fire is really fought. 


This took place on January 1, 2015 and is part of Bangkok Life or so it goes. This video features one firefighter mainly that is in charge of the fire hoses.  Bangkok police, Fire and travelers are seen walking through down this alleyway close to the Happio Guest House in Bangkok.

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