Bangkok Temples Tour – Wat Bowonniwet Bihara

Bangkok Temples Tour

Wat Bowonniwet Bihara

Photographing Bangkok Temples

There’s a gazillion temples that travelers can find just by walking around the city of Bangkok. Bangkok Temples are one of the many features that makes Bangkok a travel destination. If you like architecture this beautiful Bangkok Temple is one to photograph and take home with you. Early morning or early evening is the best time to photograph these beautiful temples. The low sun creates color warmth and the light adds contrasts by adding shadows and highlights which creates more definition in the fine details. Low light photography can make your photography stand out.

They say tourists need to visit at least 10 temples in Bangkok; it is not hard to do.My suggestion is to visit Buddhists Temples during anytime of the day you can. Most of the monks are fun to talk too and they love to practice their English.

Bangkok Temples Tour,
Monks and local Thais and tourist all combine to visit this beautiful Bangkok Temple – Wat Bowonniwet Bihara.

Another of the many Bangkok Temples, Wat Bowonniwet Bihara, was built in 1831 during the reign of King Rama lll. These images were photographed with a 5S iPhone, and processed with Apple iPhoto and Adobe photoshop.  I’ve said it before, it doesn’t matter what camera you use to get good photographs. Its what you want to do with that photograph that is dependent on the camera you use.

Bangkok Temples Tour
Wat Bowonniwet Bihara

The architecture of Bangkok Temples are beautiful because of the colors and detail on the building.  When you have a blue sky it contrasts with the gold colors on the roofs and makes the image really pop out.  I used a sharpening filter, some in Adobe photoshop and some images in Apple iPhoto too bring out more detail, but you have to make sure you don’t over do the filter or the image will look un-natural.

Wat Bowonniwet Bihara




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