Bazar Market Burger Box Chiang Mai

Bazar Market Chiang Mai: Burger Box

Burger Box Chiang Mai

Night Bazar Market – Burger Box in Chiang Mai has good burgers for SE Asia, even better are the onion rings.  They offer burger and chips which in American lingo means fries.  Instead of chips I went for the onion rings which were the big cuts of real onions, not the kind you get at Burger King, but the unprocessed kind of onion rings, the kind we all like. Everything was served up fresh and hot. The hamburger meat comes from Thailand. They don’t treat the cows here like they do in the United States. No antibiotics and natural feed, no GMO’s. This burger was made on a grill, not charcoal or wood.

Order window, Burger Box Ordering,
Cheese Burger and Onion Rings at Burger Box in Chiang Mai


Night Bazaar in Chiang Mai

burger box frontage, Bazar Market
Night Bizarre in Chiang Mai Burger Box Food Stand

Located in the Night Bizarre area along with music, other food booths and a lot of happy people.

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