Best American Food Chiang Mai

Best American Food Chiang Mai

Dukes Bar & Grill

Great Ribs in Chiang Mai

Great Ribs in Chiang Mai can be found at Dukes Bar & Grill. Arguably Duke’s has the best American Food in Chiang Mai. Many toppings are available on their pizzas and burgers and they make their own homemade buns. They offer many kinds of food like great hamburgers and their now famous ribs!  The beef is top notch and from Australia, their pork was best I have ever had and its from Thailand, where pork is done right and very popular.  Even their pepperoni was the highest quality.

Worth More than One Visit

This was my second visit to this restaurant because if your traveling, sometime you crave your own counties food, or just want a change from the ordinary. Seldom do I see BBQ Ribs offered in SE Asia and this is the first time I’ve had them here and wow, was I happy. I wanted some good ole American food and here it was right in front of me. These were of the best quality, better than most places in America, and if you read to the bottom of the page you can see what happened.

Pizza in their Wood Fire Oven

Many toppings are available for the Pizza’s here at Duke’s.  This is their Pepperoni Pizza and the pepperoni was very special and of quality meat. They also bake the dough in their own oven at the Night Bazaar location.

Pepperoni Pizza with thin crust and lots of cheese and the right amount of tomato sauce topped with high quality pepperoni.

Ribs at Dukes Grill & Bar – low amount of fat and generous amount of meat, and they were cooked just right. The ribs melted in your mouth, it didn’t just fall off the bone and it wasn’t chewy either.  They do Ribs Right at Duke’s!

BBQ Ribs, Chiang Mai Ribs,
Ribs at Dukes Grill & Bar
Ribs with onion rings, onion rings Chiang Mai
Onion Rings are an option with the Ribs
baked beans, corn and baked beans,
These are two among several side orders available when you order ribs at Dukes Grill & Bar.
hamburger Chiang Mai,
Vava Voom Burger with dill pickles cheddar cheese, special toppings and 100% beef ground daily at Dukes Grill & Bar
Wood Burning Brick oven used for baking their own bread and pizzas
Wood fire oven for baking at Dukes
Dukes Grill & Bar bakes their own buns in their wood fire oven at the Night Bazaar location.
These buns are cooling after baking in the wood fire oven
Comfortable seating at Dukes Grill & Bar with air conditioning and solid wood tables
The Desert Case for “take away” as they say here in Thailand or right there at the restaurant
Once you start in on the ribs at Duke’s Grill, you can see what happens, they just disappear. Best Ribs in Chiang Mai!!

Mueang Chiang Mai District
In The Night Bazaar Area
Mueang Chiang Mai District, Chiang Mai 50100, Thailand

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