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Bangkoks Best Burger: Cowfly Burger

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Always Looking for the Best Burger in Bangkok

After searching on Google for Best Burger in Bangkok, Cowfly Burger did not show up on any online reviews. There are a lot online burger reviews in Bangkok, but not one for Cowfly Burgers as of last week that I could find. Is this the one discovery that got away? Not for long after trying their signature cheese burger. Their gourmet burger is the best burger in Bangkok currently in this reviewer’s opinion. It’s not only reasonably priced but offers a true gourmet burger with the ingredients that adds to the taste of the meat, not covers it up.

Cowfly Burger makes one of the best burgers I have tried in SE Asia over the past 2 years. I’ve tried quite a few, but definitely not all of them. Most of the ‘best burger reviews’ online that are out there look for the wrong things. It’s about the taste of the beef, not the toppings.

hamburger patty on the grill, Best Burger in Bangkok,
Cowfly Burger sears the outside of their burger. Adds a lot of taste.

How I found Cowfly Burger

One evening I wondered around Siem Paragon food market but I wasn’t looking for a burger. Cowfly Burger was lost in a jungle of food, you know what I’m talking about if you have ever been to Siem Paragon Gourmet Market. Food galore and about any kind of food you want you will find here, but it’s everywhere you look, it’s a jungle like I said. I walked right by CowFly Burger and then I turned around and the Cowfly Burger booth was directly behind me and it looked good I had to try them out.

Best Burger in Bankok: Cowfly Burger

Cheese Burger in the bun, Best Burger in Bangkok,
Cowfly Burger uses quality ingredients.

Burger Competition

After numerous searches on Google, its been difficult to find a good burger place in Bangkok. There are a few good burger places, Hardrock Cafe or Roadhouse along with a few more. They are good (and expensive), but then you haven’t tried Cowfly Burger, Best Burger in Bangkok. Another good burger that comes in second to Cowfly is Escapade in the Riverside area. (Review coming soon.) I’m starting to find more burger places probably because there has been a void in Bangkok for a really good burger. 

TL Burger Background

I’ll make my review in a moment, but its important that readers understand I have high standards when it comes to beef. I grew up in beef country in USA, Nebraska where cattle are raised along with cow tipping jokes and where backyard BBQ’s are the norm. Steaks and hamburgers were a staple when I grew up. United States is a hamburger country, we love a good burger! Not fast food burgers, but a really good burger. Growing up eating quality beef helps me evaluate a restaurant, and because my family owned a restaurant in the past. We served corned beef sandwiches, burgers and steaks. I know my burgers.

seasoning added during cooking, Best Burger in Bangkok
Lightly seasoned

Not a Beef Eater Most of the Time

In today’s world I eat mostly vegetarian or vegan except when I do food reviews. I like good food and if I cheat off of my vegetarian or vegan diet, the food I try better be good. No fast food burgers will come close to a great burger and they are not on my personal menu. There are plenty of Western foods in Bangkok, but most are fast food restaurants. Fast food is manufactured for long shelf life and is nutritious deficient and that’s their business model. Full of salt and other additives that are for taste, to cover up for the lack of quality ingredients. 

preparing the bun, Best Burger in Bangkok
Rocket Lettuce, cheese and their own sauces.

What Special about Cowfly Burger

To quality for Best Burger in Bangkok, the burger patty must be thick. If you want thin, go to McDonald. Cowfly Burger also sears the outside which means they used high heat which is must. The beef was not too fatty but fat enough to add taste. Also, if there isn’t enough fat in the meat it won’t cook right if you use high heat. Only a small amount of oil is needed if the burger is the right ratio of fat vs. lean meat. If it’s too fatty, the burger will shrink and my burger didn’t shrink much. They are generous with the cheese and the condiments are specially made and add to the taste of the beef.

The beef is the main thing!  All the other ingredients should add to the flavor, not subtracts from the taste of the beef. They also brown the bun. There should be a little crunch in the bun and this also adds to the taste. A soft bun does nothing for a good burger. It’s the little details that are important and that’s what is missing at places that don’t specialize in Hamburgers.

close up of the burger, Best Burger in Bangkok
This is their cheeseburger with all the garnishments. Thick beef with plenty of cheese. They use rocket lettuce and duck added for taste. Very unusual but the combo really works.

Great Tasting Beef

The last burger I ate (Escapade) had great taste, but Cowfly Burger was better. I think both had very good beef, a great hamburger is about the beef. Between Escapade and Cowfly, it’s the toppings that made the difference, they are supposed to add to the burgers taste, not hide the taste of the meat. Another thing is that a good burger shouldn’t have that manufacturer patty look. You know, a machine or utility that makes the burger look like a robot made it. That’s a sign of fast food and not a gourmet burger. Even good restaurants don’t understand this. It takes time to make a great burger.

Worthy of Best Burger in Bangkok

I found a burger that is worthy of being called best burger in Thailand. Try Cowfly Burger and you will change your mind about who has the best burger in Bangkok.

Burgers and More

Cowfly Burger also offers other foods on their menu such as hotdogs, shrimp and pasta. I have not tried any as of this writing, but the other foods look good and the burgers are great.

cowfly burger booth, Cowfly Burger,
Their portable booth and other gourmet meals they offer depending on where they are.

I like a good hot dog and that means the topping better be good. Their photo looks good. If you have tried leave a comment below to let us know what you think.

Hot dog in bun, Hamburger Bangkok,
New Menu item “MAD Dog” available at EM Quarter until Oct. 27 2016.

Restaurant Star Rating *** 1/2

Cowfly Burger would be a 4 1/2 star rating if it wasn’t for not having a regular location and restaurant seating. The food booth area that Cowfly was( Siam Paragon) temporarily located did not have their own seating, it was cafeteria style meant for the entire food market area. It’s nice to sit down and enjoy your meal, but that comes with a price too. This burger for the size and quality was low-priced. Soon Cowfly Burger will have their own permanent location. Now located at EM Quarter. 

How to find Cowfly Burger

Cowfly Burger is mobile, meaning they move around to different locations. They offer delivery if you are in the area of their corp. office (below). Currently they are building a restaurant. Best way to find them is to look at their Facebook page or keep an eye open for a new permanent location by the end of Nov. 2016.

Facebook Page for Cowfly Burger

Sukumvit soi 49/14 • Please call 0851244555

Thank you for reading. TL

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