Close up of Mi Quang Bowl in Hoi An

Mi Quảng Hoi An

Best Food Hoi An

Nghi Mi Quảng Restaurant

This Vietnamese noodle dish is called Mi Quảng, and is often my breakfast when here in Hoi An. What I love about this dish is it’s a balanced meal with carbohydrates from rice noodles and protein from: 2 slices of pork, 2 shrimp, 2 Quail eggs. Rice has a little protein in it too. Add in fresh vegetables, lime,  chili peppers & other spices. It’s a delicious breakfast that’s famous in the Hoi An Area. The Vietnamese lady, Nghi, is the chef and owner and is proud of the food, which she makes fresh everyday. Another important this to consider is she is very sanitary. She wears plastic gloves and has assistants that wash the vegetables, and the dinnerware.

It’s hard to find this hidden diamond in the rough, but well worth the effort, it’s hidden in a back alley.  More to come on foods and culture of Vietnam…

— in Hội An.

Mi Quang Dish with Vegetables and Chili Peppers
Mi Quang Served Fresh on the Table