Best Restaurants Siem Reap

Front of the L’Annexe French Restaurant – The Jungle like appearance provides a more private and comfortable area for a more unique dining experience. Or you can dine in the main covered area.

Best Restaurants Siem Reap

Best French Food Siem Reap

L’Annexe French Restaurant – Siem Reap French Food

Siem Reap is a wonderful little city in Cambodia, with a French influence. After dining in many of the restaurants, this one of the best restaurants Siem Reap. This is a place for a Foodie!

It Starts with the Owners

I think that each restaurant no matter where it’s located, starts with the owners and their passion for the food they prepare and serve to their clientele.  When I find a great French restaurant or any at that matter that I really like, I love to tell everyone about it. This night proved I was dining at the Best French food Siem Reap.

The-owners – L’Annexe French Restaurant

Two Areas to Dine In

When you step into L’Annexe French Restaurant you feel the passion, and it starts with the atmosphere. It’s like plush dining room in a jungle rather than a typical French restaurant that you normally would dine at. Cambodia is well-known for its wild jungles; temples of Angkor were lost for centuries because the jungle.

Jungle or Bar

The dining room is spit into two parts. One area is jungle like with tables, chairs, and even a lounge area to sit and relax like a jungle living room. The other part of the restaurant is open air and covered but its the bar area and dining room.  You have a choice of where to dine, the Cambodian jungle where there is ambiance of the wild, or more civilized by the bar. The animal in you can decide and in both areas you can’t go wrong. Enter this French paradise, as you dine in one of the best restaurants in Siem Reap, the L’Annex French Restaurant.

dining area by bar, best restaurants Siem Reap,
This is the main room with the bar. There are also more areas with that are more secluded and surrounded with plants.
best restaurants Siem Reap

The French Know How to Dine

My dinner was gourmet all the way!  It started with a mojito, then water and red wine right before the appetizer was served, and it worked, I was relaxed the way you should be to enjoy French food. Dining the French way is different. Its about taking your time, enjoying each kind of food and drink, and savoring the food to a different level. This was what I was looking forward to and that’s exactly what happened.  You can try to anticipate what the food should taste like, and you know you want to enjoy each and every bite, but our imagination is often different and often better than the experience. This time the experience trumped my imagination.

Luxury Travel and Dining

When with a friend or two, French dining is the ultimate. I was alone this night and it came down to relaxing and concentrating on taste, texture and a mindset of enjoying French food at its finest. As soon as I was served the appetizer I knew I was in for a treat. This was truly Luxury dining in Cambodia and its fits the title of being the best restaurant Siem Reap.

appetizer, best restaurants Siem Reap,There’s is a feeling of relaxation at the restaurant because of the food, drink, and the atmosphere, even when dining alone it turned into a mini event.  It came down to me and the food, until the food was gone from my plate. I took my time, but it had to end sometime. 🙁  That night I enjoyed tasting the incredible food and taking my photographs to show you what it really looks like when it’s served. Night photography without studio lights does not show food like it should, but accomplishes one thing, you can see how it actually look alike for real; how your meal is detailed and styled. I was not disappointed in the appearance. I accepted the use of restaurants professional studio photographs since mine were not up to par with the lights I had to work with, you can see both examples.

Story by L’Annexe French Restaurant

Du Barry Cream Soup

There is little story about the Du Creamy in texture and buttery in flavor.  This delicious Cream of Cauliflower Soup makes an elegant beginning to any holiday menu. Called Crème du Barry in France, its name lies in history, like many good French recipes. This easy, rich and creamy soup was named after Madame Jeanne Bécu, comtesse du Barry, a famous French beauty who was the last official mistress of the ill-fated king, Louis XV. At the time, it was a common practice to recognize royalty and other public figures in the naming of new culinary creations, so whenever you see the term du Barry, you know the dish includes cauliflower.”

Du Barry as it was served to me

soup, Best Restaurants Siem Reap
Du Barry Soup

The soup was very creamy and thick. Even though as thick it was, it still had a very light taste, and there was just enough soup to raise your appetite level. Even with this light taste, it was very rich tasting. It’s about quality, not quantity, and they hit the mark. There was just enough to raise your appetite level creating a craving for the next dish.  After finishing the soup I thought that if everything is this good, this is the best French food Siem Reap. (I have eaten at a few since writing this article and I am still right about L’Annex French Restaurant, best restaurant Siem Reap).

cream-du-Barry-soup, best restaurants siem reap,
Du Barry cream soup – Photo courtesy of L’Annex French Restaurant
main course, best restaurants siem reap,


I found out after talking with both owners that the meats are cooked using a special process. It’s a very long and slow process using less heat. The slower its cooked, the more intense the taste, especially in the mid section of the beef. I enjoyed the Beef-Bourguignon and I was just floored at how good it was! 
The Beef Bourguignon was packed full of flavor, and it lingers in your mouth. First you taste the sauce, then the flavor from the meat kicks in and with a little red wine, WOW.  This is not the end, if you savor the beef a little longer the flavor gets even more intense, unlike regular cooking. Three layers a flavor, the sauce, the beef and then third level of the intense slow cooking kicks in.
beef-Bourguignon, Best restaurants Siem Reap,
Beef-Bourguignon – Photo courtesy of L’Annex French Restaurant

SR-Frenchfood-6690-73-1 Lemon Tart

This dessert had dribbles of chocolate and strawberry sauce along with the lemon and bread crumbs (on the bottom). It was a very light, yet a rich dessert. Cookies on the side with chocolate and nuts on a bread crust. 
Lemon Tart – Photo courtesy of L’Annex French Restaurant

SR-Frenchfood-6692-73Cognac and Expresso

A perfect end to an incredible dinner. I have never been to France before, but after this meal, it’s on my travel list now. My dinner was very light tasting but very rich in taste and very filling. I could not eat any more. Cognac and Expresso was as far as I could go. 


LAnnexe-Team-Siem, best restaurants Siem Reap,
The entire team at L’Annexe
 This restaurant is for anyone who likes or loves French food;  European travelers, American tourists, Chinese travelers, Canadian tourist, Australian travelers or anyone who loves original French Food.

L’Annexe Restaurant Siem Reap

Sok San Rd, Siem Reap, Cambodge

+855 95 839 745

 Only a few minutes away from Pub Street by tuk tuk or taxi
Look for Burger Wars in Siem Reap….A critical review coming in November 2016
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