Chiang Mai claim pasta

Best Italian Food Chiang Mai

 Best Italian Food Chiang Mai

La Lanterna di Genova Italian Restaurant

If you feel like finding excellent pizza and other Italian dishes, why not try a real Italian restaurant in Chiang Mai. Best Italian Food Chiang Mai, you won’t be disappointed and the service is great and its in a convenient location inside the wall.  This a a review and great find!

Vongole – Claims with cherry tomatoes and white wine sauce. This dish had a great a light oil taste with small pieces of garlic in the sauce.  It was a delightful tasting dish and the pasta was cooked just right, not too firm and not too soft. It was also pleasing to the eye as you can see from the photographs.

la-lanterna-Italian restaurant, claim pasta Chiang Mai,
Vongole – Claims with cherry tomatoes and white wine sauce.

Quattro Stagioni Pizza with tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, ham, mushrooms and green & yellow peppers. This is a thin crust pizza and the crust was very flaky as you may notice from the photo. There was a very good but light tomato sauce taste. Often its hard to find much tomato sauce in some pizzas, but La Lanterna did a great job building this one out. The ham was not salty and the other toppings were cooked correctly, especially the mushrooms which had to be cooked before the pizza or they would have been watery. All four sections were great tasting. This is the real deal for pasta and pizza.

la-lanterna restaurant, Chiang Mai pizza,
Quattro Stagioni Pizza at La Lanterna Italian Restaurant
Chiang Mai claim pasta
Great Italian food in Chiang Mai – Close up of my meal – Vongole

La Lanterna di Genova Italian Restaurant has a large Italian Menu, but make no mistake when you look at the menu you know this is an Italian Restaurant.  If you love Italian food, or just feel like something different than Asian food while in Chiang Mai, I urge you to try some of their Italian food. They have pasta, pizzas, Calzones, Focaccia, and other dishes on their menu.

La-Lanter-Italian-, outdoor dining Italian,
Outdoor dining at La Lanterna Italian Restaurant
Inside air condition dining at La Lanterna Italian Food



Address:31, ratchadamnoenChiang MaiThailand (inside the wall)

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