3 Gs Gourmet Deli – Best New York Style Deli

3 Gs Gourmet Deli

Best New York Style Deli in South Florida

Corned Beef Sandwich, Best New York Style Deli
Large menu of sandwiches and breakfast items too. The Rye bread is too good!!!

Try the Corned Beef and Pastrami Sandwich, don’t forget the Matzo Ball Soup…

3 G’s Gourmet Deli – Del Ray Beach, Florida

3 Gs Gourmet Deli in Delray Beach is the place to go for the Best New York Style Deli in Florida. Those of us who love corn beef sandwiches and deli foods, this restaurant is real treat!. 3 Gs has a large menu with deli foods and some of it is very healthy too. I come here for the Pastrami and Corned Beef Sandwiches. They also have Brisket Sliders and Matzo Ball Soup with matzo balls that are like mom used to make, soft, not hard. This is one of Florida’s Great American delicatessens. Florida is lucky, many states do not have much to offer in the way of good delis. 

In Search Of a Good Deli

I travel the world for work, and there are no places like this deli anywhere that I have found outside of US. If you are in Florida, don’t miss out on visiting a great Deli, it’s worth a drive if you are anywhere in South Florida. 03/01/2020 

motza ball soup, kosher restaurants boca raton,
Best New York style Deli in Florida, 3 G’s Deli – Matza Ball Soup

Matzo Ball Soup at 3 G’s Deli

Located in Del Ray Beach, 3 G’s Deli is in Palm Beach country, Florida.  It’s considered by many as a favorite deli in Florida.  While I have not dined at every deli in Florida or New York, my favorite deli is Katz’s Deli, the famous New York Deli!  Repeatedly rated the number 1 deli in New York.  Now you know what my top deli is for comparison reasons. 

3 Gs Gourmet Deli is not Katz’s Deli by any stretch of the imagination, but Florida is not New York, and when you want a good corn beef sandwich while in South Florida, 3 G’s is it as far as I’m concerned. The Deli is in South Florida, Palm Beach county. People who love Kosher restaurants Boca Raton come to Delray Beach for 3 G’s Deli food. 

Corned beef sandwich on rye, kosher restaurants boca raton
High rating for this Corn Beef sandwich at 3 G’s.


One of my biggest pet peeves is when I think I found a good restaurant and then I go back and find that the food is not good that day. I’ve eaten at 3 G’s Deli maybe 10 times (it would be more if I didn’t travel as much) and its been great every time.They are consistency good! Another test is the amount of fat in the pastrami, and 3 Gs does a great job of trimming the fat. It’s still fatty meat, but other delis I have visited didn’t seem to care. This is what brought me to 3 G’s, they do things the right way. 

Corn Beef and other foods at 3 G’s Deli Delray Beach

It’s not just the sandwiches, I thought the matzo ball soup was delicious too.  This is almost as good as my mom and sister’s homemade matzo-ball soup.  That means it’s pretty darn good at 3 G’s.

half dill pickles, 3 G's Deli
3 G’s Deli offers half dill and regular pickles.

Rye Bread is Incredible

The problem I had when I was last ate at 3 G’s is that I had a problem with their rye bread. I couldn’t stop eating because the bread was so good. The fresh Rye bread was fantastic, fresh and soft, yet the crust had a little crunch, and the taste was out of this world, and try not to eat too much bread.  One taste and I couldn’t stop!!  You have to try it!! I had soup, pickles, cole slaw, and a corn beef sandwich and the bread, (they are generous at 3 G’s Gourmet Deli ).  That was all for lunch; I had to skip dinner because I ate all the bread that they put on my table.  This bread makes the sandwich in my opinion, it is their secret weapon.  

Katz Deli Sandwich Customers in Florida

The are a lot of easterners that visit Florida during the winter and this is one of the places in Florida that New Yorkers visit. New Yorker’s demand the best delis, and 3 G’s does a great job, and the bread is a winner here. They bake their New York Jewish Rye all day long and they also bake their own challah bread and rolls daily.  Ok, I guess I talked about the bread enough already.

To Go Counter

The ‘to go’ deli counter at 3 G’s Gourmet Deli is the place to choose from a large amount of New York style deli food and take it home. It’s also an alternative to waiting for a table to open up if you don’t have the time to wait. During the off-season its like a normal restaurant, busy, but short waits. Busy season, it’s a different story, but well worth the wait!

Deli Counter, 3 Gs Deli, Best New York Style Deli
Enjoy the experience of ordering from the counter for a great “to go” food.

Further Proof this is the Best New York Style Deli

During the offseason 3 G’s is very busy, but by the time Thanksgiving comes around, there’a a line going out the door. The best time to go is around opening time, or late before they close, if during Florida’s busy season. It can become a fun social gathering when you have to wait.

I have not tried other dishes on the menu, but it’s because I love pastrami too much. During my childhood my family took me to Roffman’s Deli in Omaha Nebraska, where it was the only deli around. Its long gone but I still love my childhood favorites. Omaha was also the place where the first Rubin sandwich was created. They have Rubin’s at 3 G’s too.

Not Many Deli’s like this in the World

I travel in SE Asia and I have friends that live in Florida and go the 3 G’s. If you haven’t been to the Deli, do yourself a favor and go!! I miss their food, there’s not much like that deli in the world, nothing even in the big cities of Asia. There’s delis but NON compare or even come remotely close to 3 G’s. I remember the rye bread is to die for and so are the pickles, soup, sandwiches! Missing 3G’s!!!

Delivery is now an option at 3 G’s

3 G’s Deli – Del Ray Beach, Florida.  Best New York Style Deli Florida!

Best New York Style Deli Florida

3 G’s Gourmet Deli & Restaurant
5869 W Atlantic Ave
Delray Beach, FL 33484
P: 561-498-3910
F: 561-498-0591

Enjoy!!!!  Written by: Thomas.  This review has been updated after another Delray Florida visit 2015. This is an unbiased opinion, I paid for my food, and it was worth every penny!!

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