Frontage Little Italy, Little Italy Siem Reap, Best restaurants siem reap,

Best Restaurants Siem Reap: Little Italy

Little-Italy-Siem-Reap Restaurant Review

Best Restaurants Siem Reap: Little-Italy

Frontage Little Italy, Little Italy Siem Reap, Best restaurants siem reap,

Little Italy Siem Reap used to be one of the Best Restaurants in the Angkor Wat town of Siem Reap. In this part of South East Asia it’s all about the Ancient Ruins of the Temples of Angkor, everything else comes in second. After exploring, you’re going to be hungry, and you’ll want a good place to relax, have some wine, and good food.

Little Italy Siem Reap Consistency

After staying in Siem Reap on and off for over the past 5 years, I found Little Italy very good until my last visit in January 2020.  I was told after I complained about the steak I ordered on this visit. Touch and chewy to say the least, it used to be so good. (read below about past review).

Best Restaurants Siem Reap

sr-little-italy-kitchen-6264-73Here is the truth about finding a very good restaurant, they should be busy. I accidentally found Little Italy Italian Restaurant while roaming the back alleys while in the popular tourist area called Pub Street. I’ve found that the Western food restaurants are more plentiful but more expensive than the Asian restaurants in Siem Reap. There are a number of excellent restaurants here serving international cuisine, Little Italy is one of those. 

Steak Dinner at Little Italy

Second time at Little Italy (first time was just dessert) I had appetizers (brochettes) and they were very good, but I wanted to go back for a third time and try the steak dinner. Finally on my third visit I had sirloin steak with wine and an appetizer. This dinner would have been at least $50.00 USD if it was in the United States. My first full meal at Little Italy cost me around $22.50. Kind of expensive for Asia, but not really considering that they use top quality meat imported from Australia. I included in the price was an appetizer and 2 glasses of wine!

Little Italy sirlon steak, Best Restaurants Siem Reap
Beef tenderloin grilled to your liking.

My Thanksgiving Story

Often in desperation we will seek out what is missing in our life, in this case it was a turkey dinner on Thanksgiving night (I’m from USA). While looking for a restaurant that was serving Thanksgiving dinner and finding out that there was only one place serving, and they were full, I ended up at Kentucky Fried Chicken :-(.  Here I was in Siem Reap Cambodia during Thanksgiving and no Turkey dinner! 

(To make it easy for you to find Little Italy see the map below)

I decided I wanted something different if I couldn’t have turkey, I wanted escargots. The French influence is definitely here and I wanted, no I needed to find a French restaurant that served escargots (lots of garlic, parsley, shallots and butter with French bread). Using Google maps and later Apple maps, and after riding in the dark in the back of a Tuk Tuk for 40 minutes, I could not find the place. Hungrily, I asked the tuk tuk driver to take me to the Old Market/Pub Street area where many of the restaurants are. This was a day after the Water Festival (people were still celebrating the next day).  Lines of Cars,Tuk Tuk’s and people walking making it difficult to get anywhere.

Thanksgiving Chicken Dinner 2 Piece

It was getting late and I decided to scrap the idea of dining at a French restaurant and to go for Chicken. I know you either hate escargots or love them. (Besides, they eat deep-fried scorpions, crickets and silk worms here). Chicken was about as close as I was going to get to turkey in SE Asia! (I found other options since.) My tuk tuk driver passed by a Kentucky Fried Chicken and that ended up being my Thanksgiving dinner sad to say. After a sorry ass Thanksgiving dinner it was time for dessert, I needed a treat after a disappointing meal. I remembered the chocolate mousse at Little Italy.  

Time for Chocolate Moose – Where was that Alley again?

On Thanksgiving night I wanted that chocolate moose! The same chocolate moose I found in some alley on my first visit to the Old Market. Where was this place? it all looks different at night?  And how come everything looks different when you get used to a place vs. your first visit? I wondered around again to try to satisfy that chocolate craving. Chocoholics don’t give up. (There’s a map at the bottom so you don’t have to fret about finding this place, its in a busy little alley.)

Little-Italy-sirlon, Best Restaurants Siem Reap
Australian Beef Pasture Fed

My First Real Meal at Little Italy

Back to that sirloin on my first full dinner, but third visit there. The steak was one of the best I’ve ever had in SE Asia. They buy their meat from Australia, but if you know about sirloin, it can be hit or miss, some times good, sometimes not. (I’ve been there 4 times now for steak and it’s always been a hit!) This was a great cut of meat and they cooked it to perfection for me. I added ground pepper and nothing else, but it did come with a peppercorn sauce as one of two choices. They seasoned it lightly to the point where you could still taste the full flavor of the meat.

Seasonings at Little Italy

Little Italy in Siem Reap understands about how to cook and season to get the best taste from the beef. Many restaurants do not understand and they end up with an inferior piece of meat and try to cover it up with seasoning. I was impressed, and the red wine went will with the steak. They even cooked the steak just like good steak should be cooked (see the photo).

House Sillician wine at Little Italy
Prosciutto de Palma e formanggio – toast topped with Parma ham and parmesan cheese.

Not Everything is Great

I tried their Italian Sandwich for lunch one time and I was not impressed. They need to rethink what makes a great Italian Sandwich? I know they have good Italian Meats, but the bread was not the best on the day I tried the sandwich and neither were the toppings. I like a fair amount of meat, bread should be soft, not to hard and not too much bread as in being too thick, and the dressing on the sandwich can make or break a sandwich. There are better Italian sandwiches in Siem Reap, but I have not done a review on Italian sandwiches yet, and the sandwiches are kind of pricy except for one place. I’ll keep that to myself until I experience more in SR.

A busy night during high season at Little Italy Siem Reap.

Give this place a try, but I hope they save space for me because I’m coming back.

For more information about Little Italy Siem Reap

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