Buddha Face in Thailand

Buddha Face in Thailand

Wat Phra Mahathat – The Famous Buddha Face

This Buddha face in Thailand is known around the world, and it’s debatably the most photographed and famous Buddha face there is today.  Built in 1374 during the reign of King Borom Rachathirat I.  The photographs below not only show you what the face looks like, which you have seen before, but also the surrounding area around the face and tree.  The ruins in Thailand include the Buddha Face and is a major tourist attraction in Thailand, very popular with tourists and their cameras.  This is one of Thailand top tourist attractions. Everyone has seen the face, but do you know what the surrounding area is like?   Take a look below to find out.

The Face of Buddha in Thailand

Buddha Face – Ayuthaya – Wat Phra Mahathat – Sandstone

Made out of Sandstone, this Buddha has become part of nature, it has been swallowed by the roots of the incredible tree and are considered one of the most famous Ruins in Thailand.

face ayuthaya 73
Profile of Buddha in Thailand

Buddha Face – Ayuthaya – Wat Phra Mahathat – Theories

Theories abound about how the face appeared in this tree in first place…Burmese raiders, thieves?

face ayuthaya 73
Photo OP with Buddha Face

Buddha Face – Ayuthaya – Wat Phra Mahathat – Photo Please

People line up to have their photo taken with the Buddha Face in the background.

face ayuthaya 73
Buddha Face Attracts a Crowd

Buddha Face in Thailand – Ayuthaya – Wat Phra Mahathat – Among the Crowd

All day long the Buddha Face attracts a crowd.



Buddha Face – Ayuthaya – Wat Phra Mahathat – A Star in The Crowd

(Below is the famous tree.)

What is Behind the Buddha Face

 Buddha Face – Ayuthaya – Wat Phra Mahathat – Close by the Buddha

In front and to the left of the Buddha Face.

 Buddha Face – Ayuthaya – Wat Phra Mahathat – Surrounding The Buddha

Close to the Face you find many more Buddha’s which have been partially destroyed by wars or vandals.

 Buddha Face – Ayuthaya – Wat Phra Mahathat – More Buddha’s in the Area

This Buddha is looking at the crowd of people admiring the Buddha Face, jealous you think? I don’t think so.

Buddha Face – Ayuthaya – Wat Phra Mahathat

Another perspective of photograph of the same Buddha.
Part of the ruins close to the famous Buddha Face.

Th Buddha Face in Thailand with Ruins of Past Temples

When walking to the Buddha Face you can see many of these structures.  Some are leaning and many have also been destroyed.  Ayuthaya – Wat Phra Mahathat – About Face is only a short walking distance from here.

Ancient Ruins found in Ayuthaya Thailand

This is in one of the statutes in one of the structures (images above).

The Most Famous Buddha Face in the World

There are several more famous Ruins in Thailand, but not as famous as this one.

More information about Ancient Ruins of Ayutthaya

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