Burma Restaurant Chiang Mai

Burma Restaurant Chiang Mai

Best Restaurant Chiang Mai – The Swan Burmese Cuisine

If you are looking for something different here in Chiang Mai, try this great restaurant called theThe Swan Burmese Cuisine, great Asian food featuring Burmese as well as Thai food.   Check out Swan Restaurant,  Qualified to be one of the Best Restaurant Chiang Mai.

The Swan Burmese Cuisine is currently being considered to be on the top 10 list of best restaurants in Chaing Mai because of their delicious Asian cuisine and the fact they are one of the few restaurants to offer Thai and Burmese food in the area.

This dish is called Gaiko, stir fry chicken with ginger, garlic, chilis, tomatoes, lemon grass, cumin.

best restaurant Chiang Mai, Chiang Mai restaurant, The Swan Burmese Cuisine
Gaiko – Burmese food in Chiang Mai at The Swan Burmese Cuisine


Naga Pii Chat – Chili paste with fresh veggies, tomatoes, garlic, red onions. This dish was excellent and it could be put on almost any food there for extra taste. Naga Pii Chat has a very strong tomato/chili taste that goes in kind with neutral vegetables. It went great on top of the Gaiko.  After finishing the vegetables you see on the plate, there was a lot of Naga Pii Chat left over. The vegetables served was cabbage, carrots and cucumber slices. Satisfied with the amount in the bowl but the vegetables were gone very quickly.

The Swan Burmese Cuisine, Best Restaurant Chiang Mai
The Swan Burmese Cuisine – Naga Pii Chat – Burmese Food

The  Swan Burmese Cuisine where you find Asian food in Chiang Mai. Burmese and Thai food is served here.

Best Restaurant Chiang Mai, asian food chiang mai,
Burmese food at the The Swan Burmese Cuisine in Chiang Mai.

Pros: Burmese & Thai Food offered, Good service, close to the wall (outside of wall), nice atmosphere, unique Asian food, excellent taste for the dishes we tried, English language spoken.

Cons: A little Pricy compared to other Thai restaurants, bad traffic on their street, uncomfortable bench seats in the front area.

The Swan Burmese Cuisine: Chaiyapoom Rd, Mueang Chiang Mai District, Chiang Mai 50300

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