Carls Jr All Natural Burger

Carls Jr All Natural Burger

All Natural Burger

100% all natural burger – beef patty  – Enlightened or Flameout?

What in the world was I thinking about going for a test drive with this All Natural Burger??  I guess you don’t know until you try, but this all natural burger maybe is a healthier choice, but I looked all over this thing (literally, take a look at the photos) and found no taste.  It reminded me of a McDonalds burger, you know that ultra dry burger patty.  Carl’s brags its Charbroiled for better flavor, hmmmmm, good one, they had me fooled, isn’t it supposed to taste better??

Burger in wrapper, All Natural Burger
Carls  Jr. All Natural Burger – Just out of the box

Carls Jr. All Natural Burger just sat there and said, guess what, I’m all natural, I must taste great.  No, not the case! No wonder they put everything on it including the kitchen sink.  Presentation is not there as usual for fast food, no surprise there.  I wanted to compare this to Burger Fi, but no comparison what-so-ever.  Burger Fi has good taste and isn’t dry.  This one must have sat in the desert for a few years.  I was wondering how they got all the sand off the thing?  I guess they must have put it through the burger car wash.  Lots of brushes and instead of soap, they used grease.

Carl’s Burger at it’s Best

Hamburger, All Natural Burger
Carls Jr. All Natural Burger

I’m still looking for a great burger and Carls Jr. All Natural Burger wasn’t it. I didn’t expect it here, but I also expected a better burger after spending almost $8.00 for a lousy one with fries.  Actually, I didn’t order the fries and it cut $2. off the price.  I’m trying to find good burger, not fries. Fast food has gotten awful expensive for what it is.

Carls  Jr. All Natural Burger – Under the Hood

Carls Jr. All Natural Burger Under the hood. Don’t rush, they may have some left when you get there.
Under the bun, All Natural Burger
Carl’s  Jr. All Natural Burger – I think this add on stuff made up for the taste. Question is, taste of what?

store counter, All Natural Burger


On to the next burger, but I only eat them once a week and sometimes not that often.  Best one I’ve had so far, and it was very good, was created by cousin Mindy who made them, a homemade burger without the bun.  The key, good meat and homemade. Mmmm!!!

Before trying out this burger my friend Mindy made a great burger for dinner! I have to apologize to my friend Mindy for including her burger in this review, but I had to think of something good to say after eating at Carl’s Jr.

Thank you Mindy for reminding me of what a good burger should taste like!!!

BTW boss – After Carl’s Jr. I need a raise!

Just a note, I normally do not do negative reviews.  This post should be your warning of what you will find at Carl’s Jr.

This article is my personal opinion.

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