Fish Spa Safety

The small fish that the spas use are called Garra rufa, and some refer to them as "doctor fish" which is a type of toothless carp originally from Turkey. After the fish eat away the dead skin, newer skin is exposed.

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Mi Quảng Hoi An

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Best Food Hoi An Nghi Mi Quảng Restaurant This Vietnamese noodle dish is called Mi Quảng, and is often my breakfast here in Hoi An, at least once a week.…

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SE Asia with Camera

Learning to See With Your Camera Photographs of Asia Understanding Photo Composition will help you achieve whatever goal you have in mind for that image and the final product you…

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Why You Will Become Vietnam Coffee Lover

Another reason it's so popular is because their coffee is perfect for mixing, and this is also why people who do not normal like coffee end up liking Vietnamese coffee. A more moderate coffee depends on how it's served. Everyone who likes coffee in Vietnam has their favorite ways of drinking it, which is why cafe's specialize in certain ways adding ingredients, and why there are so many coffee houses in Hanoi.

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Singapore Aquarium
S.E.A. Aquarium Entryway.

Singapore Aquarium

Singapore Aquarium Both Arm Chair Travelers and people planning a trip to Singapore can preview the Singapore Aquarium in these photographs and short videos. Color abounds as these beautiful fish swirl…

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Places to Eat in Bangkok – Escapade Burger

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The way the patty is made is just as important as the meat. Escapade uses high quality hamburger meat and they make the patty by hand. The hamburger meat is a special kind of meat from Japan called Wagyu meat. This is very expensive marbled meat.

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King’s Palace Thailand

Photo Gallery of the Royal Grand Palace King's Palace Thailand The Grand Palace in Bangkok was used as the residence of the King of Thailand until 1925. Since then its only…

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