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Angkor Wat Temple is a Big Travel Destination in CambodiaFront entrance to Angkor Wat temple outside of Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Cambodia is a travel destination for many that come to South East Asia (SEA). Angkor Wat and other Angkor temples are centuries old and part of a lost civilization that has been restored to this fabulous country. Siem Reap is a small tourist city close to many of the Angkor temples. Cambodia travel is very popular with Europeans, Germans, French, Americans, Japanese and Australians.

What is it Like to Visit a Lost Civilization: Angkor Wat

Angkor-Wat-Tour What is it like to Explore a lost Civilization Angkor Wat Tour Join us for an Angkor Wat Tour, an Angkor Wat guide for the traveler or virtual traveler that wants to learn about ancient civilizations in this Angkor Wat ruin. SE Asia is still a mystery to much of the western world. By learning …

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Siem Reap Food: Central Cafe

Totally surprised on this one, it was a pretty good corned beef sandwich! I was expecting tough, stringy, fatty and salty corned beef, but it was none of those things (you can see I can be critical). Cafe Central made a good sandwich and they used mustard, hard to find much mustard in SE Asia.