Chaco Culture – Mystery of the Past

Butte sunrise,
This butte lies just outside the loop around multiple ruins and can be seen from a long distance.

Chaco Culture – Mystery of the Past A look at Pueblo Bonito

The big mystery of the Chaco Culture is why did the Anasazi leave? After years of building these structures the Anasazi just disappeared from this canyon.  Archeologists determined that the Anasazi left their possessions behind and the kivas were burned along with all their possessions. Keep reading to learn more…

Dirt Rd to Chaco Canyon,
Road that goes to the north entrance of Chaco Canyon.

Adventure on Scenic Rough Roads

Chaco Culture National Historical Park is located along New Mexico 57 between Farmington and Grants.  As you drive into the park you find its a rough ride along the dirt roads, there are a few paved roads too off and on as you drive along the beautiful canyon area. Navajo homes, cattle, and wild horses can be seen along the way. 

Hard Rains

When it rains here it rains hard! This can create swollen creeks too the point that water will run over the creek banks. Roads become very slippery, even with 4 wheel drive. There is also the possibility of dangerous flash floods along the way.  This is the desert, where there are few creeks, but for the most part they are dry most of the time. Because of this the ground becomes hard and does not fully absorb the water causing flash floods in areas that you would not consider dangerous. It’s best to check the weather and also to look for high ground if the weather looks threatening. 

A Spiritual Adventure

Upon entering the park travelers realize that New Mexico is a Cultural Experience and can be a spiritual adventure if you are open to this in your heart.  Ancient Anasazi Indians once visited this area and many lived here as well. This was a cultural center for the ancient Indians that lived in this area about 1,000 years ago.

Bonito Ruins entrance,
Bonito Ruins at Chaco

The Bonito Ruins at Chaco Cultural National Park is thought to have been built around the middle 800’s. Many of the buildings in this area were orientated to both solar and lunar directions. They were also built in a sacred area in-between mountains, called Chaco Canyon. The people who lived here migrated to a different area is what is thought by anthropologists. 

National Park Service

This park is part of the National Park Service. Fresh water and camp grounds are part of the park. Visitors can attend tours that are directed by park rangers who are trained as interpretive guides for this area. They will help you understand the history of this incredible place.

Chaco Culture National Historical Park – NPS National Park Service

Map Of Chaco Canyon

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