Chiang Mai Best Restaurants – Giant Burger

Chiang Mai Best Restaurants – Giant Burger

 In Search of the Best Burger in Chiang Mai

 Food Review – Giant Burger -Tawa Bistro

Giant Burger at Tawa Bistro, Chiang Mai Best Restaurants
Giant Burger at Tawa Bistro is big enough for two to eat.

There are a lot of restaurants that fit into the category of being on the list of Chiang Mai Best Restaurants. Tawa Bistro (located in front of the De Naga Hotel) is a very good restaurant and has the largest burger in Thailand that I have ever seen. Bigger is not always better, but in this case its true, bigger is better when comparing Tawa’s Giant Hamburger.

Burger Education: Three Basic Kinds of Beef

100% Hamburger Meat

Thailand presents a few problems when you are looking for the best burger. First good burgers are hard to find. Many people do not know what makes a great burger!

The best hamburger meat is imported from either United States or Australia or Japan. There are different kinds of hamburger meat which are basically grain fed or grass fed cattle. There is also the thought of marbling which means the percentage of fat in the beef. The more fat, the better the taste and in Thailand the more fat in the beef the higher the price.

I consider 100% meat makes the best burger. There is nothing like the taste of great hamburger meat if its cooked right. Toppings matter, but it starts with the meat!!!

Best Toppings for a Burger

There is another school of thought and that is if the hamburger meat is just ok, the toppings can make up for not having the best meat. If the burger is smothered with cheese, bacon, tomato, special sauce etc., it all helps make the burger taste good which is the point. Some people don’t care about the meat.  Many people may not have experienced a great burger with great beef. 

Personal Choice

My personal opinion (born in Nebraska USA considered beef country) is its great beef makes the burger great!. Toppings are just an added bonus. The problem with great beef in Thailand is that its expensive, its imported. That is why some of the best hamburger meat burgers are small. If you can find 100% high quality imported beef making up a large burger, it would be too expensive for the restaurant to sell. That is why you can find either a small hamburger with 100% beef or a giant burger with beef and filler.

Largest Burger in Chiang Mai – Tawa Bistro

Tawa Bistro uses a marinated beef patty layered with melted white cheddar cheese, caramelized onions, tomatoes, lettuce and pickles. This burger is so big the price would be prohibitive with 100% beef.

Best Burger in Chiang Mai, chiang Mai hamburger,
Tawa Bistro Giant Burger at 3oo grams.

Tawa Giant Burger is Special

The bun on this brute is made in-house and the dough is made with sun-dried tomatoes.

The bun at Kawa Bistro is made in-house and has a red tint from the baked in sun dried tomatoes and is about 8 inches wide.

Tawa uses beef from Thailand. Thailand’s beef is usually lower in fat and is likely to be organic. 

This is the Giant Burger 300 grams of meat on a home made bun.

300 Grams of hamburger or 2/3 of a pound in-between cheese, pickles, tomatoes, lettuce, and caramelized onions. This burger measured and about 8″ in diameter.  Its about the size of your open hand (normal sized hands). The bun was larger than the hands of the USA Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump.

Tawa’s Giant Burger is served with Paprika Potato Wedges. Crisp on the outside and soft on the inside, and lightly salted with little paprika. Nice change compared to normal french fries or chips as they call them in Thailand.

Paprika Potato Wedges at Tawa Bistro can be served with the burger.


Open air seating inside and outside (below) with covered area overhead and padded wicker chairs and television. Very well lit and comfortable.

Outdoor seating in covered area where there is soft music and light atmosphere. Flat screen TV is also there for guests to watch.

Open kitchens are always fun because you can watch as the chef make your meal right before your eyes.

Kitchen is enclosed in glass where the guest can watch the cooking at Tawa Bistro, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Pros of the Tawa Bistro’s Giant Burger

The Giant Burger is huge (enough for 2 people easy), very tasty, good ingredients, great service, beautiful surrounding, comfortable chairs, pleasing atmosphere, large menu, good amount of ingredients inside burger. Prices are average for a normal sized burger in Thailand (350 Baht or about $11.oo USD). This is not a normal sized burger! Tawa uses a large quantity of beef with good quality ingredients (worth the price). 

Cons of the Tawa Bistro’s Giant Burger

Tawa’s burger is not 100% beef (mixed with milk and bread). The pickles are sweet instead of dill (Westerners prefer dill). Thai’s prefer a sweet and that maybe is the reason why Tawa uses sweet pickles, but my opinion is the pickles should be dill!  The potato wedges could have used a touch more paprika.  The burger was made on the grill. Charcoal or Wood fire would have added more taste to the meat, but all the toppings made up for the difference. Even though there was filler in the beef, it was not over done.

Service at Tawa Bistro

I rated the service great and some of the service people speak some English language, communication is very important.

Authors Conclusion

I liked the Tawa Bistro Giant burger, it was very good!  Tawa made up for not having 100% meat. The filler in the beef made up for having less fat and the price for this Giant Burger was a great value because of the size and all the ingredients under the bun. Two people could dine on this burger and both would leave satisfied, or end up with left overs. 

Tawa Bistro also serves pizza, Thai food, alcohol, and dessert and they have a wine list too.

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Tawa Bistro is located close to the Thapae Gate – Chiang Mai

Address: Tawa Bistro – 21 Soi 2, Moon Muang Road, T Pra Sing, Chiang Mai, Thailand 50200.

Ph:+66 (0)53 208 368

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