Chiang Mai Food- Vietnamese Food in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai Food-Vietnamese Food

Dara Vietnamese Restaurant – Review

Dining outside, Chiang Mai Food,
Dine out back in the garden area comfortably under the umbrellas.

Service was great, very friendly but they spoke very little English. Dara Vietnamese Restaurant has a beautiful spot to dine for lunch or dinner in the back. After several visits to Dara Vietnamese Restaurant I found that they are consistently good. Dara has a regular clientele of local diners here.  Dining both indoor or outside under the umbrellas where you can enjoy a bit of beautiful nature to go along with their food.

Vegetarian Fried Rice

Vegetarian Fried Rice as pictured below was some of the best fried rice I have ever had.  Most fried rice dishes say they have vegetables, but too many times it takes a microscope and tweezers to locate them. Dara’s Vegetarian Fried Rice had a great amount of veggies, only a light amount of oil and the cucumber was a nice refreshing touch to the taste buds.  The cucumber was almost like a neutral reset of the taste buds, cleansing the palate before the next bite.

Dawa Vietnamese Food Chiang Mai – Vegetarian Fried Rice

Dara Vietnamese Restaurant – Fried Fermented Sour Pork

The Fried Fermented Sour Pork below reminded me of bacon, and it was so delicious that it was hard to stop eating, much like my craving for bacon once I start. The vegetables made my guilt trip go away unlike a bad bacon breakfast with eggs, how unhealthy.  Dara’s has the right combination and again the fresh veggies helped cleanse the palate for another delightful piece of the Sour Pork. Not too much sour here, its in the marinade.

Dawa Vietnamese Food Chiang Mai – Fried Fermented Sour Pork
Front of Dara Vietnamese Restaurant, Chiang Mai Food,
Front of Dara Vietnamese Restaurant

Dara Vietnamese Restaurant – Bun Hoy

This was another wonder dish called Bun Hoy (below) – You know the feeling when it comes down to the last bite and you want more…it’s that good! You have to stop sometime! Darn

Vietnamese food, Chiang Mai Food,
Bun Hoy at Dawa Vietnamese Food Chiang Mai

Dara Vietnamese Restaurant – Rice Noodle Soup

Not everything was perfect but the soup had a great taste.  I thought the broth serving portion was too small as I soaked the vegetables Pho style in the meager amount of soup. Vegetable were fresh and the soup was very tasty, not salty. The broth was served separate as you can see in the photo of the small bowl next to the veggies. On the right you can see the Sour Pork dish.

Assorted plates of food, Chiang Mai Food
Dara Restaurant – Rice Noodle Soup and Fried Fermented Sour Pork


Dara Chiang Moi Kao RdChiang MaiThailand, 053874040

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