Chiang Mai Food Hamburger

Chiang Mai Food Hamburger

Hamburger Chiang Mai

Finding a hamburger in SE Asia is sometimes a chore.  Everyone seems to like a good burger now and then and if we indulge, its nice to be able to find one that will satisfy our cravings.

BB Burger with Bun and an order of onion rings instead of french fries.

Hamburger in Chiang Mai – Presentation was adequate considering this is a burger joint.  As you can see the tomatoes were small and not of good color.  This is SE Asia during the dry season.  Tomatoes should have been better.  Lettuce was iceberg and was also nothing to rave about.  The important thing here is, how was the burger. If the burger is good, looking past the garnishments is worthwhile.

This is the presentation from the kitchen at BB Burger in Chiang Mai. Onion rings were substituted in place of french fries.

Hamburger in Chiang Mai -Below you can watch as they cook your meal on their grill.  They charred the burger which I believe is important when it comes to cooking good meat.  The cook also work sanitary gloves, which is important and something you do not always see in SE Asia.  Watch the cooking in action from their seats is fun to do at a place like this.

Hamburger in Chiang Mai – Behind the front counter is the indispensable grill where they make the burgers, grill the buns and keep the onion rings warm.


Hamburger in Chiang Mai – They did not furnish pickles, but they were there if you requested them.  What’s a good burger without pickles?  They were generous once I asked for a side order.

BB Burger offers different size hamburgers. I was told by a traveler to order the bigger burger with the combo. This is the second largest burger they offer. The largest burger comes Ala Carte.

Hamburger in Chiang Mai – They also brown the bun, which I believe is important. It’s always nice to have a little crunch when it comes to the bun, as long as it’s fresh.



BB Burger is located outside of the Old City Wall in Chiang Mai, Thailand.  Bar stools and counter  is normal for a burger joint like this as you watch them prepare you burger and drink your beverage. Cheap entertainment, but its not a magic show.

How was the burger from BB Burger

I was told by a fellow traveler that this was a good burger.  This burger was just ok, I was disappointed with the meat.  I expect a good burger to be made by hand, this one looks to be a frozen patty.  It does not fail completely, but I did not return for another burger and left the restaurant with my craving for a good burger.  It failed expectations, but its not bad in that if you want a burger, it’s as good as any I have found so far. Across the street is Loco Elvis, and they have burgers as well but they responded too late for me to go there and try one.

The rating is only **stars. It was missing the taste because the meat was not what you get when you order a good burger.  Would I eat there again, only if I couldn’t find a good burger and I had a craving for a burger with some kind of size to it.  I like the portion of meat.  They should have used better meat without filler in it.

My referral source said that the restaurant changed ownership since he ate there.  Often the case, an owner makes a change and ruins the original concept.  What a shame.  Hamburger in Chiang Mai

My contact tried a hotdog but he did not recommend that I try one. Not saying it’s bad, if you want a hotdog its worth a try.

The search continues..


©2015  Thomas Levine

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