Chiang Mai Food Tawa Bistro

Chiang Mai Food Tawa Bistro

TAWA Bistro – De Naga Hotel

Western and Asian Restaurants in Chiang Mai are plentiful and TAWA Bistro is one of those places you’ll find great food. Chiang Mai Food is offered here along with a large varied menu. Tara’s Bistro food is excellent, and its very easy to get to and from the De Naga hotel it’s part of the complex and easy to eat breakfast, lunch or dinner with a  big menu. I tried a number of items here and everything is good. They offer Northern Thai & Asian food, Italian and hamburgers along with a full menu of other items.

Chiang Mai Food

The atmosphere is typical when the De Naga Hotel is in charge. They make sure every detail has been attended to. They  designed the restaurant with a glass see through transparent kitchen up front where you can see the chefs cooking. Breakfast bar in the morning along with their full menu of items for lunch and/or dinner.

Tawa outside dining area, see through kitchen, and bar area.

Breakfast at Tawa Bistro – Juice Bar

Breakfast Juice Bar,
Juice bar at Tawa Chiang Mai,

 Coffee & Rolls – Tawa Bistro

Fresh sweet rolls served at Tawa bistro in the morning.

Appetizers – Tawa Bistro Chiang Mai

The mushroom Bruschetta were incredible. I like the salsa bruschetta toasts too, but the mushrooms are a must order when you visit.

Duo Bruschetta from Tawa Bistro. Sautéed mushroom, fresh tomato salsa.

Tawa Bistro – Lunch & Dinner – Chiang Mai

Tawa Bistro did not skimp on the ingredients on this hightly but wonderfully seasoned pizza.

TAWA Pizza,
Marinated Pizza with tomato sauce, pawns, squid, clams, basil, black olive and mozzarella cheese.

Tawa Bistro’s Giant Burger

Marinated beef patty layered with melted white cheddar cheese, caramelized onions, tomatoes, and lettuce.

Tawa hamburger cut in half,
This is Tawa Bistro’s giant burger cut in half. Its more than enough for 2 people to split and walk away full. 350 grams of meat along with homemade sundries tomatoes in their buns.

Profiterole Desert with Chocolate Sauce

Profiterole – Great cool refreshing ice-cream on a sultry night in Chiang Mai together with raspberries, peanuts, all imbedded in pastry with a cookie in the back.  This was perfect because it hit the spot and the cookie offset the soft textures with a crunch!

Profiterole Dessert with Chocolate Sauce – Tawa Bistro Chiang Mai

TAWA Bistro’s facing the inside of the Old Wall in Chiang Mai

Tawa Bistro Front Entrance
Entrance to TAWA Bistro

Note: I dined at Tawa and I paid for food myself and also was a guest of De Naga Hotel for some of the food.  All opinions and recommendations are my own without Bias. I don’t write about or recommend if I don’t like it no matter what!

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