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Chiang Mai Spa

De Naga Spa -Luxury Spa Treatment

Even the spa area is surrounded by works of art as you can see from photograph above.

Nothing beats having a great spa in your hotel. This is the place to relax after exploring the city or nearby mountain areas.  There are many things to do in Chiang Mai, and coming back to your hotel and relaxing makes all the exploring or shopping worth it.

I received a spa treatment here for this review, and it started with the bowl to soak your feet in. They soak your feet, and it not only relaxes you, but De Naga Spa uses a herbal formula too. Everything here is well thought out and calculated, there is a reason beyond relaxation, its about health and well being.  Their facilities are top notch here.  Its about making your stay luxurious and comfortable and enjoying the moment.

Herbal Soak and clean before the massage

Jacuzzi Soak Before your Massage

Herbal bath soak,
You can soak and relax in the Jacuzzi tube or take a shower before your massage. They put herbs in the water to help you relax.

Couples may receive massages together

This is one of several massage rooms. Unlike many massage spas, they have the high quality massage tables and everything is beautifully decorated.

A bowl (photo below) is placed under your Massage Table

De Naga Spa treatment is luxury at its best. They use high end massage tables, oils and herbs. You can trust their staff to give you the best massage in SE Asia.  There’s a lot of competition in the field of massage in South East Asia, but most massage businesses skimp on quality and you wonder if they know what they are doing. You can trust De Naga Spa to help you feel better.

Not all massage tables in Thailand have a slot for your face, but they do at De Naga Hotel Spa. In fact they go one step beyond that by placing a bowl with a plant in it for you to look at and enjoy the scent of the leaf. This is the view from your massage table.

Sauna – Spa De Naga Hotel

This is the Sauna Room, sorry one of the only places you won’t find art, but you won’t care with all the steam coming into the room for your pleasure.

Several massage rooms are available at De Naga Spa

Several massage rooms are on the premises for two people to get a massage together. Great place for couples to come for relaxation.

Massage Experience

Having traveled in SE Asia for over a year now, I have had many massages and this was the best experience I’ve had so far. They take care of you at De Naga Spa and they think of everything. When a visitor leave the massage room, the experience makes you feel like a King or Queen because they know how treat their guests. Once a guest is relaxed from their massage and spa treatment, its time to relax at the pool or get a bite to eat at the TAWA Bistro Restaurant. I felt very pampered and special and thats what their goal is. Luxury for the Traveler. 

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Note: I was a guest of De Naga Hotel but all opinions and recommendations are my own without bias.

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