Cooking Class Chiang Mai De Naga Hotel

Cooking Class Chiang Mai

How to Prepare Tom Yum Soup

Cooking School – Chiang Mai At De Naga Hotel

Tom Yom Soup created by a De Naga cooking school pupil.

Cooking Class Chiang Mai: De Naga Hotel

Indoor or Outdoor Cooking School in Chiang Mai

De Naga Hotel is a luxury resort in Chiang Mai where they offer a Thai cooking class.  Depending on the weather, De Naga may teach the class on their balcony or indoors.  Watch the video below to learn how to create Tom Yum Soup.

My team was invited to attend this cooking class after our request. Samann and I were delighted to learn about the methods of Thai cooking and I was allowed to capture video and still photographs of the two dishes we decided to make. Aoy was our cooking instructor and spoke good English since we did not speak the Thai language.

We were allowed to pick the dishes we wanted to create from a prepared list made up by the De Naga Cooking School. After we created the dish, we were served our dishes by the Hotel restaurant personnel and we dined outside in the De Naga Hotel court-yard.  

When you sign up for the half day Chiang Mai Cooking Course they not only teach you how to make the dish, but they also take you to the market where they help you select the best the ingredients.

Tour of Cooking Class Facilities and Market

This was not my first cooking school experience, but definitely one that is memorable. De Naga hotel is an Upscale luxury hotel that knows how to please their guests. The class began with a tour of the facilities, another tour of the market just down the street, and then back the hotel were we began cooking our own lunch.

Cooking Teacher Becomes Student

We decided on making Tom Yum Soup before going to the market with the teacher. The other student in the photos is Samann who teaches Cambodian Cooking at cooking school in Siem Reap. The teacher becomes the student to learn about Thai cooking.

Our driver cordially greets us at the van to take us to the market. De Naga Hotel does this right too with a newer very comfortable van.
This is the one of several fresh markets in Chiang Mai. De Naga Hotel transports their students to pick out fresh produce for class.

In this video our the cooking class instructor Aoy explained to us about some of the foods at the fresh market. This market is where she buys most of the food for her cooking class.

Pomelo Salad (below) was one of the choices we made in De Naga Hotel’s cooking class. We were able to learn how to make two dishes. Each student is allowed to make several dishes, but I was working the cameras and did not do any of the cooking. As far as dining on the food made, YES, I tried both of the dishes we made for lunch. Both were excellent. Nothing like working outside with food to work up an appetite. 


Cooking Class Chiang Mai was both Fun and Educational

De Naga Hotel Cooking Class was both fun and educational and delicious too. We were served the meal we cooked and dined outdoors a beautiful are in the hotel close to the pool. This was a low pressure class where they help you cook your meal and provide everything you need including refreshments while you cook. All of course beautifully designed the De Naga way.

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Note: I was a guest of De Naga Hotel but all opinions and recommendations are my own without bias.

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