Culture In Thailand – Day Tour Bangkok

Culture In Thailand – Day Tour Bangkok

Take Me Tour (Day Tour Bangkok)

Day tour company Take Me Tour a Day Tour Bangkok company provided expert guide Karnpicha Kampangkaew (Peachy) whom I met for a tour of the Sathorn Thai House. This is a famous house where the fourth Prime Minister of Thailand once lived.

During the tour visitors learn about the property & artifacts from your tour guide Karnpicha Kampangkaew.  The only way to fully understand the house and its place in history is from your guide. This article is only a summary of the tour.

Tours in Bangkok are either for sight-seeing, adventure or to learn about Culture In Thailand. This tour is suited for travelers who want to learn Thailand’s culture. It’s about a 2-3 hour tour including fact fill information, appreciation of antiques and a lesson in art history. Animal lovers might like this tour too; there’s a dog cemetery, and the current residents are large fish, birds and dogs.  Entry fee: 50 baht plus cost of tour. 

sathorn-grounds, Culture In Thailand
Sathorn House and land is smack in the middle of the city. It’s like a paradise in the middle of the city. It’s almost like a park , but it is private but open to the public for 50 baht.

Kukrit Pramote – 4th Prime Minster of Thailand

Kukrit Pramote, the 4th Prime Minister of Thailand lived in this house when he was alive. His wife was half Russian and half Thai. They had two children, one son and one daughter. 

Kukk Rett – Professor of Thai Art History

The son Kukk Rett is in charge of the property and animals that live on the property. He is also an art collector, art is almost everywhere visitors look. Kukk Rett is also an animal lover. One of the videos is a tour of the pet cemetery. The dogs and other animals are well taken care of. a man who loves to collect Asian Art and teach others about Culture In Thailand.

athorn-big-house, Culture In Thailand
Stage area where Khon Dance is practiced. This is also where visitors enter the property.

Kukk Rett also teaches Thai Dance Khon Public Stage (above), where Professor Rett loves to teach Khon which is the name of Thai Dance. (The video at the bottom of the article is about Khon Dance).

Lotus flower garden, Culture In Thailand
Lotus flowers are plentiful in the foreground of one of the five buildings.

Sathorn Thai House consists of 5 houses and a substantial area of land

Day Bed Antique,
One of 5 houses filled with art and antiques. This is a photo of a Day Bed about 100 years old.

Khmer Garden

Professor Pramote designed this garden to be similar to Angkor Wat Temple gardens in Cambodia.


There are many artifacts from both Thailand and Cambodia. 


Thai Food is popular world-wide. During the tour the different foods can be discussed. The food here is not for consumption. After the tour is over its possible for your tour guide to show you more about the foods of Thailand.

Thai food, Bangkok Day tour,
Inside the first house are two trays of Thai Food that your tour guide will talk about. Food is a very important aspect of Thai Culture.

In addition to the houses the property has a pool, pond, bird cages, courtyard, small canal and an a large area with substantial trees that provide an area of shade which they rent out for weddings. Below is a video showing some of the property. 

Khmer Garden

Khmer Garden is the first garden that visitors will see after leaving the first building. This is a Cambodian Style garden (Khmer).

The phallic symbol in the garden is to the left (see photo below), the female symbol is below the phallic symbol. Cambodian’s belief that when the two parts come together, its equal to perfection.  This also translates to mean that the land is in perfect order for successful agriculture.

sathorn-court-yard, Bangkok Day tour
After leaving the first house, visitors enter the Khmer Court Yard. Phallic symbol is to the left.

View of the first house (below) after leaving and walking through the court yard.

Khmer court yard, Bangkok Day tour
After walking through he court-yard, the view looking back is the first house where visitors enter and see the dance stage.

The video below is an example of Khon Masked Dance and is not associated with Take Me Tour a day tour company in Bangkok.

This day tour would be of interest to those who are interested in the arts and the history of Thailand and its culture. Most people the age of 40 and up would be happy with this history packed tour. This day tour also covers Thai Street food which I did not participate in. 

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