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Events in Bangkok are plentiful in this big city and in the country of Thailand.  Bangkok stretches for many miles/kilometers and is home to millions of Thailand’s people.  You can find almost anything you want here but tonight, December 5th, its the Thai King Birthday Celebration and is one of Thailand’s most famous and fun holidays. Thailand knows how to celebrate the King of Thailand’s Birthday!  The majesty of Thailand’s is now 88 years old.

Update: The King has Died (Oct. 2016) after this article was written. My belief is that his birthday will still be honored but in a different way….time will tell. 

Trees with Lights During the Thai King Birthday

What is amazing is that the lights were on seemed like hundreds of trees lining the busy roads here. These photos will only give you a small idea of the magnatude of lights here.  There are a lot of events in Thailand but this is one of the biggest.

Kings entrance in lights, Thai King Birthday,

2015 Celebration

Last year (2014) the King of Thailand Birthday Celebration was different because the King was in the hospital. The people of Thailand love their King, and if he is sick, the population of Thailand is not joyful either. This year it’s different, everyone is celebrating because the King is out on the town celebrating too.

The video below is short but you can see lots of traffic, people and lights for the King-of-Thailand-Birthday-Celebration.

People are everywhere and so are the lights which are strung up on street lamps, light posts, trees, anything standing. Thai’s are selling street food and T-shirts.

Lights and traffic, Events in Bangkok,
Lights strung from tree to tree all over the streets of Bangkok on The Kings Birthday.
Kings BDay Lights, Thai Holiday,
The Entrance Road that goes to the Kings Home. Some people came to this spot just to see the King drive.
Beautiful Thai lady under the lights, Events in Bangkok, Thai King Birthday
All the Thai women come out on special nights like this and Thailand has some of the most beautiful in the world.
Close to Khao San Road locals and tourists line the streets to celebrate.
Long Live the King hanging from the lighted nets over the streets in Bangkok.

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