Experience a Drum Circle

Experience a Drum Circle

What is it like to Experience A Drum Circle. Florida has a number of Drum Circles because of the amount of Beaches in Florida. Southern Florida Drum Circles, West Coast Florida Drum Circles, and many more. I have experienced two now, Fort Lauderdale Drum Circle and Casey Key Drum Circle. 

The Round Circle Fire Ceremony at Florida Drum Circle

My blog entries often vary and they are usually about where I’m at the current time, or have been recently.  This one dates back to June- July 2015 because this event was so much fun, and the drum music was hypnotic and primitive. We are all hypnotized by music, and I believe it’s good for your mind and body. Listen to the video below to understand the basic rhythm’s we all have inside of us waiting to express itself. The Drum Circle is perfect!

Experiencing a Florida Drum Circle

The beaches are a great place for Drum Circles. This was not my first one which was Casey Key in Florida.  The one I played on this day was in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and a friend invited me to play. I was lucky because she had an extra drum for me!  Of course I took breaks to shoot video of some of the players, I had fun both video recording and playing drums with everyone. It’s not all about the music either, its about who you are with, and I felt welcome and enjoyed the evening immensely.

Parking wasn’t bad at the beach park in Fort Lauderdale and we took a cooler with snacks and two chairs and join some friends.  Walking in you could smell the smoke in the air, and hear few drums, but there were still a lot of people coming in when we set up.  I learned how to play that evening, and the good thing was no body cared how bad I was (at least they didn’t give me dirty looks), but I got better as the night proceeded.  This video shows how serious yet how much fun the drum players had.  Next to me there was a couple and they seemed into serious playing.  They decided to move after trying tolerating my novice style.

I hope you can experience a drum circle sometime. This event also featured a big fire and everyone chanted and there were some who read their poems in front of the fire. It was almost like a hippy night, but I hate to put that label on it because it really had a reality all its own.

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