Flight of the Gibbon Food Review

Flight of the Gibbon

The main features while on this mountain retreat just outside of Chiang Mai are the Zip Lines.  When you fly through the air with Flight of the Gibbon there are a lot Zip lines.  When you’re finished playing Tarzan and Jane, you’re extremely hungry. 

Flight of the Gibbon Food Review

Fresh Thai Food

We arrived late to arrive and were the last to sit at the table.  Everyone was as hungry as we were and while the food had been distributed around the table, there was still plenty to eat. I missed some of the best photographs because the food had been distributed before we sat down. I was not sure what each dish was, but I can tell you all the food was very fresh and tasted great.  When you’re hungry and theres good healthy food, your very happy.

Great Atmosphere

After a fun morning of jumping off of tree tops, we were all happy, but ready for a good lunch. With healthy food served under a canopy next to a running stream and live music with your new Zip Line friends; we were all very happy during our meal.  Early on you bond with your group and after you go through the course its fun to sit down and talk about the experiences you had while having lunch. They serve everything family style (serve yourself) which is the way most Asian’s dine. There was plenty to eat and it was delicious and healthy, with vegetables such as greens, soup and lots of mushrooms.  (This is a Flight of the Gibbon Food Review.)

Rice, Flight of the Gibbon,
Sitting next to a mountain stream we dined on a variety of foods, rice was one of them. This rice was very good, and different from the regular rice you find everywhere.

Fresh Local Food is Served for Lunch

Fresh Thai Food, Flight of the Gibbon,
Healthy food such as fresh mushroom soup, marinated mushrooms and parsley was slightly sweet. This was healthy lunch for our gang of hungry monkeys after a morning of flying through the trees.

Wonderful Experience Dining next to a Mountain Stream

Fresh Papaya Salad, Flight of the Gibbon,
More healthy food, a Papaya salad seasoned just right. Again, everything seemed very fresh

A Small Stream Below the Dining Area

Live Music Plays all the while you Dine with your New Friends

Thank you for reading about Flight of the Gibbon, it was a great experience, fun, exciting and it felt safe to go along and let this company watch out for us and guide us through their course.

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