Grand Tetons Images Photo Gallery

Grand Tetons Images Photo Gallery

Grand Teton National Park – Photography

Barn in front of Tetons, Grand Tetons Images,
Early morning after a heavy rain, created a color saturated barn and grass at Moulton Barn, Grand Teton National Park

Grand Tetons Images Photo Gallery

Working in Grand Teton National Park enabled me to compile a number of nature photographs of the Teton and surrounding area. Grand Teton Images are important because it shows the beauty of the park and invites others who love photography and drawing. I was able to spend a lot of time capturing the beauty and wonders of Grand Teton National Park.  This article is for sharing the beauty of the park and to acknowledge the Department of Interior’s NPS (National Park Service). Most important, is about the people who work at NPS. A Big Thank You are in order for those people who work and volunteer for the NPS.

Bar BC Dude Ranch, Grand Tetons Images
Looking at Grand Teton Mountain Range from Bar BC Dude Ranch fence/entrance. This image won a contest and was the image on an annual pass.

Beauty and Dedication in Grand Teton National Park

I had the pleasure of working with the people who are part of the NPS in Grand Teton National Park during the summer of 2014. I learned a lot about what the National Park Service does first hand, and the photographic opportunities that were there due to being able to live in the park with all the animals.

Wild Herds, Grand Tetons Images
Antelope herd in Grand Teton National Park

While working for the Department of Interior – National Park Service (NPS), I was able to get a realistic feeling for what it’s like to work and live in a National Park; there’s a natural beauty to Grand Teton National Park.  One reason is that the park service does an excellent job of taking care to preserve the entire area, all 484 sq miles.

Elk Horns, Photo Gallery
Elk with Velvet in Grand Teton National Park

Living & Working in Grand Teton National Park

The park almost seems like big city, where animals are treated as citizens, just like us humans are.  NPS is dedicated to keeping the park  as natural as possible for all the temporary visitors, and all the animals that live there.  You begin to feel like you are a part of something big, not the government, but of nature, and it is commentary to all the people who are involved.  

moose, Photo Gallery
ou often see moose in Grand Teton National Park. This female was roaming around the Jenny Lake area

When I was living in the park I felt I was a part of the whole; it begin immediately upon arrival. It translated to me that I had to do whatever I could to help, this became my primary focus. The park felt like it was now my responsibility to work along with other park personnel and to help the visitors of the park in any way including helping visitors on my time off from work.

Employees of NPS Care

Everyone working at the NPS feels the same responsibility, it’s not a 9 to 5 job. The office workers at the headquarters work 9 to 5 but there is a dedication that the park personnel have and it shows. It’s the idea of protect everything, the animals and the park visitors, the land and the vegetation. I’ve never worked for the government before this experience, but this is not a regular government job. People who work at Grand Teton National Park care about the environment, animals and the human visitors of the park.

Bureaucracy is Still Present

Unfortunately there are people who work at the NPS and they are in charge of the bureaucratic side and the power goes to their heads. They never see that side of themselves, but outsiders like I do see it.

During sunrise a little bit of the sun sneaked through the clouds. This threw a little light onto the low-level clouds at base of Teton Mountain range to make this picture.

There are political and bureaucratic problems at this park because it is run by the government, but that is what comes with the territory when you are dealing with Washington. As with any political power, the people from that town of Jackson, Wyoming with the land owners around in the area have many personal interests with the way the park is managed. These special interests generate power conflicts between what’s best for the animals, natural areas and the visitors that come to the park every year compared to those that have invested in the area. There is always a power struggle in politics and because the park is government-run there is always conflicts of interests. The superintendent did an excellent job handing what he could, from what I saw back in 2014.

signal mountain, Lake Grand Teton,
Photographed from Signal Mountain Lodge. This is the area I lived while working in the park. Vice President Biden vacationed here in Aug. 2014

Park Service Education

Prior to working at the park, I once thought that the NPS was primarily about taking care of the park, for visitors to the park.  I was wrong, it’s about much more than that!

Services of NPS and Science

The NPS hires highly educated people with a broad knowledge of many subjects. Not only do they educate the visitors of the park, but they build trails, have interpreters to guide and educate the visitors, take care of roads, build new roads, rescue people, fight fires, and help maintain historic sites within the park for the visitors to enjoy; that’s a list of a few of their responsibilities. Science is very important in the park,it’s not just about the visitors. Planting new trees, land, fire burns and animals need to be managed and understood. There are many duties that park visitors do not see or know about. Park personnel work and study within the disciplines of Biology, Zoology, and Botany, and fire science. There’s even a famous Seismologist Dr. Smith, who studies the earth quakes in the region. Animals and plants and even firefighting relies on science.

Stabilization of historical cabin at Grand Teton National Park – Bar BC Dude Ranch – NPS

This park ran smooth, and for the most part, everyone worked with each other for the common good of the park.  There are differences in opinion, but we were all working for a common cause.

moulton-ranch, Grand Tetons Images
Herd of Bison traveling through Moulton Ranch area.

Park Service Personnel

The park personnel have different opinions about conflicting opinions of capital improvement vs. leaving nature alone.  Project planning and political pressures come into play too. I only mention this because the park’s wellbeing is a passion for most of the NPS employees. The people who work at the park service not only help the visitors to the park, but are involved with land and animal management.

Photo Gallery

The photographs in this gallery show the beauty of the Park. Grand Teton National Park is a photographers haven.  If you haven’t gone to Grand Teton National Park, you’re missing out, and you feel like you get right into the positive zone once your there.

Tour truck on the way to the Bar BC dude ranch area

Hope you enjoy some of the images that I have captured in the park.

Pdf map of Grand Teton National Park

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