Human Body Heals Itself

You Can Heal Yourself 

Human Body Heals Itself

The Healing Power of Our Own Bodies

I am not an authority when it comes to nutrition, but I have some background from my experiences and I also studied nutrition and attended three nutrition courses from leading universities.  I am not here to tell you what to do but hopefully create a way of getting you to critically think about what is going on around us.

You and only you are in charge of your own health. You have to make your own decisions, not necessarily what your doctor tells you. A trained physician may not understand some aspects of the entire body. Most MD’s are trained in their speciality areas of practice, not usually holistic medicine or nutrition.

There are many quacks out there especially on the internet, we have to decipher who may be telling us the truth by looking at their backgrounds and searching out where there information is coming from.

I noticed that some government agencies have investigated some of these doctors who come up with medical theories about how to cure certain medical problems.  You can’t always trust what the government agencies are doing because in some cases many of the people on the boards of the agencies have ties to pharmaceutical industry giants. Common sense and educating ourselves are our first line of defense.  We also do need to look at using food as medicine and how the human body heals itself.

Some of the weight and chronic medical problems are because we fail to take care of our own bodies and minds.  We need to take responsibility for ourselves especially when it comes to our diet, and addressing the physical afflictions we have.  In the USA over the last century doctors have been our first line of defense.  The problem with doctors is that they do not have all the tools they need today to take care of us, especially on the preventive front. It’s not that they don’t want to, it’s what they are taught or in this case not taught in medical school. Holistic or alternative medicine is not truly addressed or understood.  I have been told that it’s an elective to take a nutrition class at one particular medical school, but most do not even offer any kind of nutrition courses or at that matter any kind of alternative medicine courses. The majority of the nutrition courses are taught in nursing schools.   Many doctors know very little about diet and nutrition, except what relates directly to their field of practice.  It just is not emphasized in medical school.  This may be slowly changing at a few schools, but most physicians are not taught holistic medicine, there’s no money in it for the pharmaceutical companies and medical schools rely on outside monies from pharmaceutical companies.

There is a minority of MD’s  who are also trained in eastern medicines.  This is the exception far more than the norm, and there are a few states that have more than other states.  Oregon and California seem more progressive toward holistic medicine.  Why is that? Both these states seem more progressive than others in our country.

I believe that we are at a turning point in time where the western world is just starting to wake up and understand that eastern medicine has a lot of value to offer if we give it a chance.  Modern western medicine is new compared to the eastern culture of medicine which has been practiced for thousands of years; Chinese Medicine is one example. Maybe they know something we don’t since they have been practicing for such a long time! Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Americans could benefit from both types of medical practices.

The human body heals itself, but you need to feed your body the right foods to help it do this. Travel Food & Health Magazine will be looking at individual foods that will help you do this. Herbs can often be used in recipes that can help your body prevent you from getting sick, or heal itself.

The Health section of this magazine is about learning the potential of using or own bodies to heal itself.  There is a revolution going on out there now, and we are finding out that doctors and pharmaceutical companies are not our only answer.  Sometimes we have to take control of our own health and do the homework, and find out that there may be other alternatives such as herbs, spices, foods and other things that can make us healthy again. We sometimes need to monitor our bodies and it’s always best to be on cautious side and include your doctor on what you want to do.  Just because they may know about certain practices of medicine that doesn’t mean they aren’t interested and moreover, want to help you feel better.  As I mentioned before many doctors are knowledgable about their own speciality when it comes to vitamins, and they need to know what you are taking to make a determination of what drugs they want to prescribe.

Most of the pharmaceuticals out there that are prescribed are not actually curing us, but covering up the symptoms, making us feel better, but only temporarily, until its time to pop another pill. If they don’t cure us, we keep giving them money.

Consider chemo, it seems to be able to cure us sometimes, but what is the price of this so-called cure of cancer.  This is my theory, but I believe this because I was there watching my late wife take bag after bag of chemo.  It seemed to have extended her life by five years, but did it also contribute to her death by weakening her immune system.  When she was in remission, did it kill all of the cancer cells?  It may have, but medical science says we all have cancer cells in our system and our immune system destroys these most of the time.  What if you have a damaged immune system thanks to chemo, it cures you and then it ends up being the door that opens to let cancer back in to kill you.

Overall our doctors fill us with pills to control diabetes, high blood pressure and a host of other conditions.  If the pills we take don’t cure us, what is really happening.  Is there an incentive to cure us?  Many think no, since its tied to the profit motive.  If we are still sick, we have to keep taking the pills, once we are really cured, we don’t need them anymore.  That is the dirty fact of living when you live in a capitalism country.  There should be laws to protect citizens from that, but it really is more of an ethics question then a law question.  You can’t arrest a company and you can’t force them to make something they don’t want to make.  They have a responsibility to their shareholders.  But like I said before, when it comes to money and big companies, ethics seems to go right out the door.

My mission is to look at what else is there that can help us get and stay healthy.  We will cover some diet info., but also some of the methods and herbs that could help our own bodies heal themselves.  I believe we are nutritionally deficient in   even though we are not starving.  We are not starving our stomaches, but starving our bodily organs from the nutrients to keep ourselves healthy.  I believe that many of our alignments are able to heal ourselves once we figure out what to do.

I personally have some history with herbs that has prevented surgery and helped my body heal itself.  We will explore what is out there.  What I have found is not every herb that works for one person will work for another.  We are all different and we all have different body chemistry.

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