Images of Bangkok – A Photo Gallery

Images of Bangkok

A Photo Gallery

Images of Bangkok is a pictorial presentation from the many photographs I have of the Bangkok area. How much do you know about Bangkok and the Thai people? Bangkok is a city full of surprises. Ferries on the river, modern buildings, street food vendors, and fabulous shopping malls and markets. Too many to count! 

Tuk Tuks and Taxis are Common Sights in Tourists Areas

Make sure to negotiate on price with Tuk Tuk drivers.  They usually charge more money then the taxis do. If you’re a first timer here a ride in a tuk tuk is a must.  Be careful since they often have a scam where they take tourists to designated areas such as tailors and jewelry stores.

If you don’t ask for price before you go for a ride, they more times then not will take advantage of tourists. Say “meter meter” or ask your hotel manger how much it should cost to go to your destination and then negotiate with the taxi driver.

Tuk Tuk speeds by, Images of Bangkok
Transportation Tuk Tuk on the streets of Bangkok

Grand Palace

Images of Bangkok would not be complete without the Grand Palace aka King’s Palace. Kings have resided for over 150 years. His court, and administration also were housed on the property. If you stay in the Riverside area or close to Khao San Rd. its within walking distance or a short ride in a taxi. 

Grand Palace, Images of Bangkok,
Grand Palace Bangkok unique and golden buildings.

Grand Palace: Guards at Attention

Grand Palace Guards, Images of Bangkok,
Guards at the Grand Palace at attention in Bangkok Thailand

Thailand’s Population

When visiting this county you find that the Thai people are very friendly.  You can see how kind and hard working the Thais are and how much they love their country, and their King. If you smile at most Thai’s, they smile back, if they aren’t already smiling. Most of the time they are happy under normal circumstances. Tourism is a big part of their economy, and its how many Thai people make their living.

Most of the time Thai’s are friendly and speak some English. Outside of the tourist areas it may be difficult to find English speaking Thais. The best way to combat this is to know a little of the language and too use a smart phone app that converts English and other languages into Thai. Google Translator is a popular one. Its not alway accurate, but its better than nothing.

Chao Phraya River in Bangkok

River boat steering wheel, Images of Bangkok
River Boat Captains wheel on the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok

There are many ferry boats in the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok

Chao Phraya River, River in Bangkok

 Modern Bridges span over the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok

Bangkok’s River is used for transportation

Nighttime on the river in Bangkok

This is a common night scene of one of many bridges over the river in Bangkok

Skyscrapers are common in Bangkok



City Scene in Bangkok from Bumrungrad Hospital Window

Street vendors selling everything from clothes to food.

Street vendors sell their wares and they usually expect to negotiate the price.



Images of Bangkok must include the many temples. Tourists and Thai’s alike visit these beautiful Buddhist places of worship. They have Gorgeous architecture with Buddhas both large and small. Photographs of some of the inside areas may not be permitted, there will be signs if they don’t allow photographs. If you don’t see any signs have fun taking photos of these large and popular temples. They allow donations since they don’t usually charge. A few popular temples are tourist attractions charge. Wat Pho 100 baht and the Grand Palace 500 baht. visitor are expected to cover their knees and shoulders at the Grand Palace. They also rent garments to wear if tourists come unprepared. 

Buddha at Wat Po temple Bangkok famous for the lying Buddha.

Democracy Monument in Bangkok

Sunset at Democracy monument in Bangkok

Khao San Road

Nighttime expect loud music, street food and vendors; tourists and Thais are all here and in a party mood.

Khao San Road,
This is a popular party street called Khao San where there is music, street vendors and hotels


One of many crowded street in the Chinatown district of Bangkok.

Bangkok China Town,
Chinatown in Bangkok where shoppers and cars line the street

Street food in Chinatown

Chinatown Street Food Bangkok,
Street Food in Chinatown Bangkok


Floating Markets

Hire a taxi to take you, or arrange a trip through one of the many travel agencies. The prices vary with the agencies. Its worth it to check around if you want to save money.  There are three floating markets, all on the outskirts of Bangkok.

Floating Markets are abundant in SE Asia and the Bangkok area is no exception. Street vendor except parked in a water way using the boat as display, storage and cashier, they hope.

Calypso Shopping Center

At Calypso theres an air conditioned Ferris Wheel.

Take a break from shopping and hop onto the Ferris Wheel at Bangkok’s Calypso Shopping Center. Each pod has its own air conditioning. Its hot here 12 months out of the year.

Images of Bangkok

Siam Shopping Center

Designer cloths and name brand like the North Face. MBK is another large shopping Mall where to find some of the fake designer cloths. Ask if they are real or fake and usually the vendors will tell you.

Siam Shopping mall

Pantip Electronics

Pantip Electronics Shopping Mall in BKK for phones and computers and software. This is a place for fake Apple phones and computers. 

Children pet animals in front of Pantip Electronic Shopping Center in Bangkok

A hard working Thai lady is drying chop sticks after washing them outside her restaurant

Before the shop opens, a restaurant owner puts out her just washed chop sticks out in the sun to dry.
Sunset in Old Town Bangkok. The diversity of the area is apparent here with a tuk tuk, automobile and food vendor push cart make way to their destinations.

Motor Bikes are popular

Motor bikes are used for many purposes and making deliveries are one of the many purposes of this versatile machine. They deliver eggs, beer and even propane on the back of these bikes to restaurants and street vendors in Bangkok. There are also Motor Bike taxis for rent. The drivers wear an orange vest.

propane tanks on back of motor bike, Images of Bangkok,
Propane tank delivery in Bangkok. I wonder if they do this same kind of delivery with jet fuel at the International Airport?

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