Interesting Places in Bangkok – Riverside Bangkok

Strange & Unusual: No Bargain

Interesting Places in Bangkok

New Concepts in Retail Advertising

You never know what you will find on Khaosan Road, one of the most interesting places in Bangkok. Who advertises “No Bargain”? Is this a new concept in retail marketing? It’s a bit strange and unusual. Khao San Road is a famous road in the Old Town side of Bangkok, and is close to the Riverside area.  Khao San is known for backpackers and partying, loud music and drinking. It’s worth a trip here to see the street party every night, along with a lot of shopping. 

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Retail Display advertising No Bargain.

Thailand’s English Usage

Often times English is not used correctly and words like no and yes, he and she get mixed up. In this case I am assuming they meant to say Bargain Price, but it didn’t happen that way. 

History of Khao San Rd.

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