Khao San Road – Bangkok Pictures

Khao San Road – Bangkok Pictures

Khao San Road Bangkok Photography

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Crazy Khao San Road also known as ‘old town’ or ‘backpackers universe’ is a great place to capture unforgettable Bangkok Pictures for friends and family to see at home.  This area is unique even for Bangkok. Read further for tips to remember about traveling in Thailand and to see some of the Riverside area.

Sunset khao San, Khao San road,
Khao San Road at night.

Traveling in Old Town and Khao San Road

Old Town, Khao San Road and Riverside are in the same area. Riverside is next to the river and is within walking distance to Khao San. Both areas could also be referred to as Old Town. Riverside is more upscale, Khao San is more of a backpackers kind of place for cheap hostels, but there are a few nicer hotels. The major of the luxury hotels are in Riverside.

First Days and Nights in Thailand

Old Town Bangkok was my first destination after I arrived at 2 A.M. on my first trip to SE Asia. Arriving at Night seemed overwhelming because the darkness has you wondering what the area really looks like. I booked my hotel online before leaving USA.

Khao San Road

My first hotel was just outside of Khao San Rd/Riverside and the next night I decided to visit Khao San Road. In the darkness Khao San seemed like a big street party with food and sidewalk vendors, Tuk Tuks, tailors, hotels/guest houses, cafe’s, and lots of loud music and people carrying beer.  Asian restaurants are everywhere along with a very popular McDonalds, Kentucky Fried Chicken and Burger King.

Worth a Visit to See Khao San Rd

On top of it all there are all sorts people from all over the world wandering around trying to figure out where to go and which beer is best and how to meet girls or if the girls are real or if they are ladyboys.  It’s seems like anything goes here and your either love it or had enough after one or two nights.

Street Photography on Khao San Rd

Photographers love this area. All the photographs below were taken in one day, it’s that easy to show your friends Khao San. These photos were taken on the Kings Birthday during the month of December, 2014. These This was my day of fun, shooting anything and everything. I was living in this area for several months and needed to get out and about with my camera.

Thai flags, Koh San Road,
Thailand Flags and colors displayed on Kings Birthday.

Koh San Road – Photo Ops

Have your camera ready, there are many photo OPS here; people from all over the world and Thai’s too, There’s the all popular Street food vendors all offering a multitude of colors and interesting subjects in this Old Town area of Bangkok. There are also relics and idols to photograph which gives the street character.  Whether you use an your phone or a better camera, its a great chance to walk away with some great photographs.

Large idol, Koh San Road
A giant Buddha in the back of one of the restaurants. The red chairs in the foreground gives you some idea of scale.

Vendors on Khao San Road

I walked the same streets almost everyday on and off for my first 3 months after arriving.  Many of the same people here day-in and day-out;, tuk tuk drivers, street peddlers, and tailors. taxi drivers, motorbike delivery people.

Multiple Visits Walking Khao San Rd.

After spending three months off and on in Bangkok, people on Khao San Rd. approached me time and again trying to sell me something. After a while it gets tiresome. Now I just waved them off, but I tried to smile to be kind, but they don’t really care. Their approach while on Khao San Road seems novel at first, but after a while it becomes a nuisance. Many of them are out to take as much of your money as they can because they think all foreigners are rich. It’s really no different than anywhere else in SE Asia.They don’t like to hear the word no, but who does?

Bearded man with wood snakes,


Adjacent street, you can find all sorts of things to photograph. I liked this image because of the two subjects, the old skate board and the man sitting against the wall in the background to the right of the board and tree.

Riding in a Tuk Tuk is a Must One Time

Travelers that have never been in a tuk tuk need to take a ride; its an experience not to be missed. Since my first ride I learned I like taxi’s more than tuk tuks. I’m 6 feet tall and the canopy is too low and its hard to see anything outside. I also prefer air conditioning from a nice taxi, cleaner air and smoother ride.  Try a tuk tuk, its a must for you if your new to SE Asia. In Cambodia I prefer tuk tuks to taxi, they are different then in Thailand.  Caution…Ask how much before you get in the Tuk Tuk. Ask your hotel receptionist how much you should be paying. Transportation is one area that locals try and take advantage of tourists.

A row of tuk tuk s, Koh San Road,
Tuk Tuks lined up across the street from Kha0 San Road Bangkok

A couple having a good time by a fruit stand. Many people wear yellow in December in honor of the Kings Birthday.

Fruit stand with tourists, Bangkok Pictures,
Fruit stand in front of the Police Station on Khao San Road.
khao San favorites, Khao San Road
Found this fish watering a pond in front of a hotel on Khao San Road Bangkok. Initially I thought the fish had a cigar in his/her mouth.

Street photography abounds here. Antiques, colors, people, you name it, it’s all fun to get great photographs whether you use your camera phone or a DSLR.

Thailand silk fabrics , Koh San Road, khao San,
One of several street vendors selling silk fabrics.


khao san flip flops, Bangkok flip flops,
Flip Flops – Standard walking shoes in Bangkok. They are cheap and made pretty well. Mine were $6.00 U.S. and I still am using them over a month now.
khao san drinks, Koh San Road, khao San Rd,
Don’t forget to drink lots of liquids, its hot in Bangkok all the time. Water is best, but you will also find all kinds of other drinks as well.


Wrong English Sales Display, Bangkok Pictures,
Thought this was a funny sign for something sold on the street side. 180 baht is less than $5.50 U.S.


Rack of Women's swim wear tops, Koh San Rd.,
Tops and bottoms, many items on the street for sale on Khao San Road at bargain prices, but you need to negotiate.


Rooster photo, Khao San Road,
On an Adjacent street to Khao San Road, I found this rooster looking into a fenced in area.


artistic Wall, Bangkok images,
Interesting colors and designs all over the Khao San Road area.


Hat display, Khao San Road,
There are many hats for sale here, again at bargain prices.


bikes parked, Bangkok Photos,
Bicycles make fun pictures, found outside of Khao San Rd. close to a Buddhist temple.


doors of Bangkok, Bangkok images,
Doors to a private residence where a monk lives, across from Khao San Road

Safety is Important For Travelers

Any place you travel it’s good to be aware of your surroundings, be careful, watch your step and the people around you. I have never had a problem or heard of any problems in this area, its a late night center-attraction.

Tips to Remember

Do not get mad at anything, be calm because Thai people do not like it when people get mad. Try to be a good tourist, you are in a foreign country.  Thai people do not like confrontation and you are in their country.  If you make trouble they will not want you as a customer and you will have to leave the store/hotel.

Bearded man,
Khao San Road may have some unusual people to take a photograph of.


Street idols, Koh San Road,
Many many Buddhas are found everywhere in Thailand

Koh San Road is Famous

Khao San Road Bangkok is very touristy. This is a unique area and will give you a feeling for the Old City and how many foreigner travelers come here . Thai locals also come here to enjoy themselves and to meet their friends at the local restaurants for food, drink and music. Sometimes later at night Thai kids come and street dance, they are very skilled and it’s a treat to watch them do their acrobatics.

lady with pink hat and food, Kings Birthday, Khao San Road,
This lady was carrying food that was generously given away to anyone who lined cued up on Khao San Road for Kings Birthday.


Italian motor scooters, Khao San Road,
Vintage motorbikes parked in a patio area outside of a hotel.

Take Home Great Photos

Khao San Road Bangkok is full of things to see, unique people.  Take some great photographs, have fun, listen to some music, have a beer and watch all the interesting people on the street. Enjoy the street food too, it’s all over Khao San Road and many adjacent streets too, and safe to eat.  Don’t just stick to Khao San Road, there are other places to see in the area as well. Tons of Temples, buddha’s, monks, Thai’s and 7 – Elevens too.

fruit display, Koh San Road,
Fruit is very popular all over Bangkok and especially on Khao San Road. Its a staple for locals to eat fresh fruit everyday.

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