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One of the best hotels in Chiang Mai is the De Naga Hotel. I look for value, luxury, accommodations, and location when I write reviews. Value is important even for the luxury traveler. , and for a hotel/resort/guest home that visitors want to stay at for various reasons such as comfort, massage on premise, restaurant and more. Many times our feature hotels will have a luxury component to them, but also something else that is special about it, many times the location, service and friendliness are some of the things we look for.  We also seek Value, what is different at a particular resort that separates them from their competition. De Naga Hotel was the feature hotel for the 3rd quarter 2015. We base or findings on these three traveler needs: luxury, value and location. De Naga Hotel is a luxury resort that has everything a traveler would want.

Our goal is finding a feature hotels and checking them out for the travelers that don’t want to totally depend on hotel search engines. Everyone likes to read reviews on the hotel search engine sights but many of us like to see other reviews as well. 

Trust is Important to Travelers

If I sometimes seem like I’m trying to sell you on the place I review, I’m not. But I do get excited about some places I stay and it often shows in my photographs and writings. When I make an article a feature, its a recommendation without bias, or its does not belong as a feature article. 

October Feature – The De Naga Hotel – Chiang Mai

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The De Naga Hotel is an oasis in SE Asia. They offer luxury to their guests at value prices. Beautiful common areas with art all throughout the hotel, statues, vases and paintings everywhere. The rooms are beautifully decorated, incredible spa, dining area with very good food and a large menu, and even an art/gift gallery. Don’t forget they also will teach you how to cook SE Asian food, and you can take home the recipes and woo your friends at the great dinner you now know how to cook. There is also a restaurant on premises called Tawa Bistro with great food. Not to be overlooked, but the location of the hotel is just inside the old city wall.  This is one of the best locations because of the markets they have there. Far enough away to not have the crowds but close enough to walk there easily. Prime Location is another category!  Value, you get your money’s worth and more compared to Europe or America’s hotel prices in prime areas.

entrance to hotel, Luxury Hotels Chiang Mai Thailand
The Entrance to De Naga Hotel in Chiang Mai is the beginning of your journey to relaxation, enjoyment and tranquility.

Traveling is fun, exciting and adventurous, but it can also be stressful. De Naga is the place to be when you need a nice and relaxing place to stay while you enjoy the moment.  Travel is about living in the present and enjoying the moment and De Naga has all the ingredients for you to help you sleep and pamper to your needs. Isn’t that what life is about!… There is a secret in Chiang Mai and its the De Naga Hotel….read on…

Ally to Tawa Bistro, Luxury Hotels Chiang Mai Thailand
Driveway inside the De Naga Hotel in Chiang Mai

At De Naga Hotel you get comfort, extravagance and more.  This hotel is different because they use the SE Asian culture of hostility to a new level at the De Naga.  But it’s more than that, its the way they make you comfortable.  The service is like an illusion, not because its not there, but because its there and they know how to make themselves transparent as possible until you need service. (See how unobtrusive they are in the 3 second video at the bottom of the page). They have it down to an art, and art and luxury is what the De Naga Hotel is about.

Common Areas at the De Naga Hotel

gift shop and hotel lobby, Luxury Hotels Chiang Mai Thailand
Honeymooners lane, entrance to the lobby and Art gallery and gift shop.


Several Hotel Rooms to choose from depending on Budget

De Naga Hotel room prices vary from  3755.30 baht to 8,088.35 baht for most rooms. Price is based on living space, luxury and ammendiites. All rooms share the same common areas with the pool, bar, spa, restaurant and lounging areas. There are 4 different types of rooms, but they are all beautiful and of good value because this is SE Asia and this hotel is about you, and making sure you enjoy your stay.  Whether you want the smaller room or largest suite, they all are decorated with taste, and comfortable too. In America or Europe the prices for these rooms would be very very high compared to the prices in Chiang Mai for this type of room.  This is the place you get Value for your money.

Luxury and convenience high light these beautifully decorated rooms at the De Naga Hotel.


Art and Design is Important at the De Naga Hotel

(Left) The meeting room decorated with works of art, (right top) the art gallery, (bottom right) the pool area with a small bar off to the side for your refreshments.


De Naga Hotel is All About You and Your Enjoyment

Pool & lobby, Luxury Hotels Chiang Mai Thailand
Dragons at the pool, art is everywhere you look including the internet research area, or sitting areas in the lobby.

De Naga Type of Service

What makes De Naga Hotel a secret, it’s the way they attend to your needs.  At De Naga, its service that makes the difference.  Yes everything is beautifully decorated and made for comfort!  Yes, its a great value! But the difference is how gracious they are!  The service is there for you when you need something, but they try and give you as much space as possible and leave you alone unless you need them, and then they are there.  This is the secret, and it starts with the entrance and carries on with throughout the entire grounds and personnel. De Naga is at a very convenient location inside the wall in Chiang Mai, a very popular area. The entrance is almost like a secret, you would never know there was a beautiful hotel down this little road. What’s more is that each detail to the Hotel has been thought of and designed carefully.

Welcome to the De Naga Hotel Restaurant

Go to this link to read about their menu items along with delicious looking photographs.

Morning breakfast bar, Luxury Hotels Chiang Mai Thailand
Rolls that look like this at De Naga’s restaurant TAWA Bistro. They tasted as good as they looked!


De Naga Hotel is an experience in Asian Culture

It’s often the little things that matter when you travel and that is what I found at De Naga that was so appealing.  If your looking for pampering and luxury, this is the place and I had a great time reviewing this resort.

Value and Luxury – Chiang Mai

De Naga offers a lot for your money and that is why I am reviewing this quant hotel in Chiang Mai, Thailand.  By SE Asian standards, De Naga’s rooms are moderately priced for their De Luxe rooms, but not when you look at the value you can get for you money when you travel in SE Asia.  If Warren Buffet the Omaha Guru were to travel, I think this would be the place he would want to stay.  He demands value when he invests for his company Berkshire Hathaway and this would be a place he would have to consider when you look at what you get for your money.

The video below is very short, in fact only 2 seconds long, but it tells us something about this hotel. The way some hotels treat their guest is known world wide, but it only true at certain hotels. Once you observe the video, you will see how De Naga Hotel treats their guest. Notice how this lady goes out of her way to try and not disturb you. She is so gracious and polite! That is the way at the De Naga. They don’t want to be bother you but they are there if you need anything. 

Impressed with De Naga Hotel where they seem to have the right stuff for travelers who love luxury and attention to details.  For an authentic SE Asian delightful experience try out the De Naga and tell them you found out their secret from Travel Food & Health Magazine.

We did not stay overnight at De Naga Hotel and my recommendation is without bias. 

Text & Photography by Thomas Levine

©2015  Travel Food & Health Magazine

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