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Turquoise Trail – USA – New Mexico Travel

Turquoise Trail Attractions – New Mexico – USA

Old Ghost Town, Santa Fe, a Unique Cemetery & Old West Style

The Turquoise Trail leads to Madrid and their creative Madrid Cemetery
The Turquoise Trail leads to this creative Cemetery

 Turquoise Trail – USA New Mexico Travel

In Memorial to the Grave Sites I found along the Turquoise Trail

Along the Turquoise Trail lie a unique cemetery. Let these pictures below be a memorial to their creative personalities that each person had that is buried there. Take a look at the Photographs of their final resting place.  When you are there you feel like you know a little about them, and some you wish you had met somewhere in the past. 

What to See Along the Turquoise Trail

Madrid is a place to see, it’s a restored ghost-town. It’s only a short drive (about 40 minutes) between Albuquerque and Santa Fe along the old Turquoise Trail (see map bottom of page) in central New Mexico. Walking around the town, shopping and sightseeing and dining on great food are the things to do here. This town has character!

Find hand-made artwork along the roadside in Madrid USA. Art and crafts are special in this very spiritual place. This is not only a reclaimed ghost town, but also an American Indian spiritual area. Found here are many creative handmade items for such as jewelry, crystals, leather goods, hanging items for walls and ceiling and get the idea.

Food and Drink

Don’t forget the Southwestern Mexican food. One place to try is the Mine Shaft Tavern. There are a few other restaurants here too. There’s an old train behind the Mine Shaft along with old rusted railroad parts. I came here before proceeding up to Santa Fe, another artsy area with great food.

Creativity Follows a Unique Path in Madrid USA

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Turquoise Trail USA Cemetery

A Memorial to the Creativity of People Taking it to the Grave

This cemetery is just one example of a place where creativity lasts forever. Have you ever seen a cemetery like this one anywhere? Creative is a word you say when you see art on the walls or jewelry for sale. How do you explain this cemetery? I had to make two visits to these grave sites to obtain quality photographs. On my first visit the light was coming from the wrong direction. I came back again with my camera to make more photographs. I guess you can take it to the grave? Hope you enjoy the photographs…

Madrid-Cemetery, New Mexico Travel
John Boniface 1951-2013

Traveling in New Mexico is interesting, especially when you see the cemetery. 

Madrid-cemetery, Madrid USA
Derby Jim Jackson
Grave site, Madrid USA
Rick Nafey “Playing at the Party”
Tree stump grave marker, New Mexico Travel
Bicycle grave marker, Madrid USA
Don Brown Grave Site ‘Riding In Front’
Rock grave marker, Madrid USA
The Rock

I didn’t read the inscription of the grave marker “Sunshine” until I processed this image in the computer, which is the time I noticed the flare that the lens/sun created. Is this a sign?? Strange or Spiritual?

Saw blade in sun, madrid usa
Sun Shine
Sewing Machine grave marker, madrid-USA,
No Moe Sewing 1999 – 2012
Caddy grill grave marker, madrid-usa-0494-73
Vince Malone 1939-1990
Gas can grave marker, madrid USA, New Mexico Travel,
Larry Titus
Bottles around grave marker, Madrid USA, New Mexico Travel,
madrid USA, New Mexico Travel
Beloved Uncle
madrid USA, New Mexico Travel
madrid-USA, New Mexico Travel
Cigar Smoker
madrid-USA, New Mexico Travel,
Peter Hodge Firefighter
New Mexico Travel, madrid-usa
Patrick Dean Palmer
New Mexico Travel, madrid usa
Ann & Gregg
New Mexico Travel, madrid usa
Lendious Sel – Cowboy?

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