Mae Kampong Village

Mae Kampong Village

Mae Kampong Village tour was included with the Flight of the Gibbon Zip Line Adventure. They sometimes do this tour when another part of the tour is unavailable because of too much rain run off.  Our group found the Mae Kampong village very interesting and the residents seems very industrious.

Hand Made Products

They use the natural resources for herbs and they make baskets and pillows from what grows here. We were told some of the herbs are being tested for use for their anti-cancer properties, but the pharmaceutical company that is working on it is in the beginning stages of research.

The Mae Kampong village was very nice with clean streets and housing in good condition. It is much nicer here then I imagined, I was very impressed. This village is over 100 years old and agriculture was its main industry. Tourism is a new one for them.

Village Streets, Mae Kampong Village
Mae Kampong Village where Flight of the Gibbon is giving a tour with the daily group of adventurers.

The local people have many skills here and they have been here for over 100 years

Villager basket weaving, Mae Kampong Village
Local villagers are professionals at basket weaving in Mae Kampong Village

They have pride in what they make

Our tour group leader takes a few baskets from a basket weaving artist in Mae Kampong Village, Chiang Mai.

The colors are very saturated today thanks to the rain

stairway, Mae Kampong Village,
Beauty is everywhere in the Mae Kampong Village

If you look close enough there is a lot of wild life on the mountain

lizard, Mae Kampong Village,
A lizard sits on a branch alongside the road in Mae Kampong Village

There are many old features in Mae Kampong Village

Star fruit grows locally

Star Fruit is only one of the many kinds of fruit trees scattered around the village

holding star fruit, Mae Kampong Village
We found Star Fruit growing in the trees in Mae Kampong Village. They grow a lot of food and herbs here.

There is an artistic flare here

Attention to detail is normal in the Asian Culture where they bring art into almost everything they do including fruit baskets.

You see some beautiful coloring in the local area wandering free

A free range chicken roams the street. Eggs are always fresh here.

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