Northern Thai Food 29 Cafe

Northern Thai Food

29 Cafe Chiang Mai

Northern Thai Food at  29 Cafe is now a favorite for lunch.  I’ve dined here about 5 times and service has been great, the food has been excellent!  29 Cafe has a full menu including delicious shakes, including my favorite the popular coconut shake.

Restaurant Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is a dining paradise. There is food everywhere, restaurants, street food, night market; everywhere you look there is food. I’ve eaten at quite a few restaurants in CM that serve Thai food but 29 Cafe is one of my favorite. Great food and good prices. Their prices are not as low as street food but there is seating, shakes and your out of the sun or rain. Best Thai Food in Chiang Mai that I have found.

Northern Thai food in Chiang Mai

Fried Ginger with Chicken

(Sweet & Bitter)

Fried ginger chicken egg, Northern Thai food
29 Cafe – Fried Ginger with Chicken

Red Curry with Pineapple and Chicken

(Hot & Sour Chinese Tradition)

curry chicken & rice, restaurant Chiang Mai,
29 Cafe in Chiang Mai – Red Curry with Pineapple.
29 cafe dining area, restaurant Chiang Mai,
Street view of 29 Cafe

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