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Now is the Best Time to Travel South East Asia

Travel South East Asia

Longtail boat beached, Travel SE Asia, Southeast Asia Travel
This long tail boat is beached while the passengers roam around the island.

South East Asia Travel (Exotic Destinations)

When is the Best Time to Travel in South East Asia

Travel South East Asia: There is no better time to Travel to South East Asia then there is now. It seems like there is no place in the world that is safe. Take a look at South East Asia Travel, one of the safer areas in the world.  There are many single women who travel alone in Asia and feel safe in doing so. All Age Brackets are Now Traveling in South East Asia.  Learn about how eastern ways can improve your life.

Many Activities to Enjoy

If you read on you will see not are there many reasons to come here, but there are many kinds of activities you can enjoy in SE Asia. Fun ways to travel, photography, tons of different foods and a genuine cultural experience. Yoga, Tai Chi and meditation retreats are very popular too.

Why You Should Travel to South East Asia Now

Procrastination is what many people practice when it comes to travel. What do most people regret when they are too old to travel or are physically unable to travel; Not traveling when they could have!! Most of the younger generation realizes this. Now people in their 50′ and older are beginning to understand and the trend seems to be that more older people are traveling. 

Chiang Mai Night Market, Travel South East Asia,
One of several night markets in Chiang Mai. This night market is on Sunday’s centered around the old city wall.

Traveling in South East Asia

Every SE Asian Country is unique because of having different cultures, geographic terrain, elevation and language, and history. Did you know that Cambodian’s speak the Khmer language and Thailand as well as Laos languages are based off of the Khmer (Cambodian) language. Though SE Asian countries share many of the same artifacts and customs, each is also unique in their own way. 

Why People Love to Travel in South East Asia

Many people’s bucket lists includes destinations in SE Asia. The beauty, unique cultures, foodie paradise and adventure for explorers. SE Asia is a large area including Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos and Malaysia.

South East Asia Travel: Luxury Tourism

Travel in South East Asia has its perks and the availability of Luxury Tourism is one of them. In house massage, beautiful grounds, and international foods that are offered at many resorts. Asian hospitality is like no other.

Natura Resort is a luxury resort in Siem Reap close to Angkor Wat.
Natura Resort is a luxury resort in Siem Reap close to Angkor Wat. This resort was built around the Cambodian Forest and travelers live in natural surroundings.


DeNage Hotel, Travel South East Asia
DeNage Hotel in Chiang Mai Thailand is one of many luxury resorts in South East Asia.

Prices in South East Asia

South East Asia Travel: Hotels

Stay in a budget hotel, hostel or guest house, or pick a 5 star resort, the choice is yours. Whatever you choose, you will find its a lot cheaper to take a holiday here compared to the prices in Europe, America, Japan or Australia.  Safety is always a concern and now this area is a good place to be. Always be careful no matter where you travel!

South East Asia Travel: Asian Foods

Foodies love to travel in South East Asia because of the Asian dishes. Asian Street Food is very popular and cheap to eat. There are also many international foods everywhere you look. In Chiang Mai for example, there was American food, Burmese food, Vietnamese food and even Italian restaurants.  Don’t forget Northern and Southern Thai foods.

Bangkok Street Food,
Street Food in Bangkok is very popular and cheap to eat.

South East Asia Travel:International Foods

Each country has their own speciality dishes that will make your trip to SE Asia worth the effort. There are many varieties of Asian Foods which are available in most Asian Cities. Try Vietnamese or Burmese foods in Chiang Mai, Thailand.  Siem Reap and Bangkok offer international cuisine too. 

South East Asia Travel, travel in South East Asia,
Vietnamese Food in Chiang Mai
Burmese Food, Travel in Asia,
Burmese food found in Chiang Mai at the Swan Restaurant; Gaiko is stir fry chicken with ginger, garlic, chilis, tomatoes, lemon grass, cumin.

Transportation in South East Asia

Thailand Transportation

There are many types of transportation available in Thailand. Train, Air, Taxi, Tuk Tuk and motor bike rentals are all available in Thailand. Don’t forget walking, its great exercise and you can see much more going at a slower pace.

Boarding the Train for Kanchanaburi, Southeast Asia Travel,
Train travel is a rewarding way to travel. This train goes to Kanchanaburi from Thonburi Train Station in Bangkok.
Bangkok Ferry Boat, Travel South East Asia,
Bangkok has a river ferry service that can take you from the Riverside area to other locations such as Bangkok Chinatown and even to the raised rail system.
Tuk Tuk, Travel South East Asia, Bangkok travel,
Tuk Tuk next to Khao San Road in Bangkok

Traveling in South East Asia: Activities for Everyone

Ancient ruins are a big draw in both Thailand and Cambodia and will make any explorer want to come and visit. Lost and ancient civilizations are definitely on many people’s bucket list. Adding to this list are discovering water falls, hiking, sight-seeing, photography, scuba diving, snorkeling, and boating. These are all activities you will find in SE Asia Travel.

Angkor-Wat, Travel South East Asia,
Angkor Wat tower climb is a popular travel destination in Cambodia.

Zip Line and Monkey Encounters: Travel South East Asia

Gibbons money with guide, Flight of the Gibbons, Travel Thailand,
Flight of the Gibbons Zip line experience in Chiang Mai – Meet a Gibbons Monkey during your adventure

Alternative Medicine in South East Asia

SE Asian countries are also known for their Alternative Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Massage, Yoga, Meditation, Thai Chi, and other forms of Physical and Mental Health practices.

 Photography in South East Asia

Its a photographers paradise whether its capturing landscapes, beaches or candid’s of the interesting people with your camera. Smart phone cameras or a larger DSLR camera, everyone can take away some great photographs. Showing your friends and family the incredible photographs of the area will capture their attention and make you a star as well as making them a little jealous. 

Buddha Face, Ayuthaya Travel,
The ‘Buddha Face’ in Ayuthaya. Thailand


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