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Patong Night Life: Phuket Patong Beach

Bangla Street, Phuket nightlife, Patong Goes Wild,
This is the entrance to the famous Bangla Street in Patong Phuket

Patong Goes Wild – Night Life in Thailand

Its About Patong Night Life

The Patong night life on Patong Beach Phuket is why many people come here for. Popularity of the Night Life on Bangla Street is the main attraction. The actual beach is a secondary attraction. Night life on Patong is very popular, but its popularity drives up the prices compared to many other places in Thailand. 

Patong Beach

The Patong Beach (city) is part of the providence of Phuket, and Patong has a beach area, but its not known as the best beach around.  It’s has been noted that its not  clean and the water quality can be questionable at times.  People don’t generally come to Patong Beach for the sun, water and sand, they come here for the extraordinary (depends on what you’re looking for) night life (brothel style) and having a beach close by is a big plus to the area, especially after a hard night of partying.

Patong Nightlife: Bangla Road

Patong Night Life is centered around Bangla Street. There are other areas with Night life, but not like Bangla Street. Bangla Street is famous and has been for many years.  Bangla Street is what makes Thailand different from anywhere else. Its about letting go and having fun. Its not the only thing here, but it is a major draw for many young people that come to Thailand. Many people walk down Bangla Street and decide its not for them (that was me), but its fun to walk down once.

The Patong Bangla Road video tour below is rated PG, it will give you an idea of the craziness that goes on…Patong Goes Wild as you can see…More about Patong below the video.

The video below was made on my first night in Patong. I strolled down this famous beach area called Bangla Street.  I found it novel to wander around the first time, but subsequent times when I was with friends I found it boring except for the fact of watching the expressions of some of the tourists.

Bangla Street Night Life in Patong

Patong Ladyboys and Phuket Girls on Bangla Street

Ladyboys (men dressed up and acting like women) line up along famous Bangla Street as girls and ladyboys dance on tables and on the open street as they try grabbing your attention and sometimes your arm. Street vendors and men armed with activity menu’s trying to get you into their establishment, more bars and more girls.  The menu’s have a list of live shows that you can go see. The shows are XXX Rated, but they are inside not on the street.  Bangla Street seems to go on forever with dancers, shows, beer, girls, more girls and whatever else goes on here. Bangla street is a long street and it ends at Patong Beach waterfront.

Thailand Ladyboys, Thailand Night Life, phuket sexy,
At the entrance of Bangla Street are the Ladyboy greeters, including a Marilyn Monroe look-a-like Ladyboy.

Bangla Street is a big part of the Patong Night Life. Its fun to walk down this street. Walking along Bangla Street visitors are amazed at how many many bars there are. Large video screens are mounted above the street and a ton of people are either partying or getting ready to. The idea of quiet is not an option here. If you get a hotel close by Bangla Street, it will be noisy.

Tiger Bar, patong bars, Patong Nightlife,
Tigers like this are all over the Tiger Bar and Hotel in Patong.

Phuket Patong Nightlife: Bangla Street Entertainment

Dancing on Bangla Street and also on top of the bars to attract your attention and hopefully get you to come inside and buy the ladies a drink…to start. If you don’t buy them a drink, they go sit somewhere else. 300 baht for a beer. About $8.00 US for one beer, not cheap.

dancing girls, Phuket bars, Patong Nightlife, Thailand sexy girls,
Girls dance on the bar in the Bangla area of Patong

Transportation in Phuket

Phuket Patong Beach: Ferry to the Islands

The other reason people come here is because this is a launching point for many of the boats or ferrys that will take you to the other islands. Raya Beach, James Bond Island and Koh Phi Phi are a few of the many places travelers can choose from when you want to move to a more tropical setting.

Ferry boat,  Aegean Sea, Phuket Guide, Thailand islands,
Ferry are a common sight and travelers can pick one up in Phuket or Krabi.

Taxi Service Patong Beach Phuket

Patong is not a budget town for people looking to save money. Hotels are much pricier then other cities in Thailand. Taxi service is at least 3-4 times more than as in Bangkok.  When you ask your taxi to turn on the meter in Bangkok, its usually no problem (its always good to ask before you get in). In Phuket, its a different story. No taxi’s will use the meter in Phuket, and they don’t seem to negotiate either. You either take it or leave it as far as the taxi driver is concerned. You’re on an island, what else are you going to do?

Motor Bikes or Walking

Motorbike rentals are available, but be warned, they can be dangerous. Most of the injuries reported in Thailand are from motorbike accidents. If you do rent, photograph the motor bike for proof of condition when you picked it up. The motor bike rental office may try and stick you with a repair bill for something you did not do.

Transportation can be expensive, but its not like your in New York prices. People come here for the Patong Nightlife! The best solution if you want to save money is to book a hotel that’s about a 10 minute walk to Bangla Street. A hotel should not be too close unless you don’t mind the noise from Bangla Street.

Airport Transportation

Travelers fly to Phuket Airport from Bangkok, or Singapore and a few other countries. Some hotels will pick you up at the airport, but most will not.

Taxis are available but expensive. Phuket Taxi’s runs a scam because they set prices and there may seem like there are few if no alternatives from the airport. Airport taxi service to Patong Beach visitors are expected to pay about 800 baht. This is high for Thailand.

Best Transportation from the Airport

Minivans are the best way to go if you want to save money. They will drop you directly at your hotel for money then a taxi would. Ride sharing in a minivan is not bad because Patong is a small city and riders benefit by getting small tour of the island. Ask inside the airport about the shuttle bus if your hotel does not provide a transportation.

Patong Nightlife: Hotel Prices

In Patong, the closer the hotel is to Bangla Street the pricer it is. Hotel prices also depends on how many stars the hotel has been rated. Many of the star ratings of the hotels in Phuket are inflated. If its says its a 4 star hotel, its more than likely a 3 star. There are exceptions to the rule like the Sri Panwa Resort. This is a true 5 star resort which is on the southern end of Phuket (see map on bottom of page). Sri Panawa Resort is a luxury resort in Phuket, but its  (about 1 hour) a distance from Patong.

Infinity pool, thailand hotel, ocean view, Patong Night Life,
Sri Panwa Resort: Each unit is isolated and private from the other guests. The private infinity pool has an incredible view! This resort is not close to Bangla Street, its not in Patong, but on the same island of Phuket.

My first walk at night along a busy street that goes to shopping areas, Bangla street,
Walking close to Bangla Street with a large shopping area on the way to Bangla Street.

Patong is a small town (island) in the providence of Phuket. Patong nightlife is only one activity, try shopping at the many stores and markets, or dining at the many restaurants in the area.  Water sports is very popular such as boating, parasailing, scuba diving or just going to the beach. There are also other small towns here to go see along with better beaches.

pirate Bar, shop Phuket, Burger King Patong, fast food Patong,
A very upscale Shopping area with many restaurants is next to Bangla Street. America has left its mark here with Mc Donald’s, Burger King, Dairy Queen and Swensen’s Ice Cream.
Silang Blvd Phuket, phuket patong beach,
There are many stores and restaurants close by Bangla Street. This is a very upscale area for food and things to buy.
sunsets over Patong Beach, Patong Night Life,
Patong is hilly, some people say it reminds them of Hawaii. Photographed from the higher side of Patong Beach.
iPhone map from Patong Beach to Sri Panwa Resort
iPhone map from Patong Beach to Sri Panwa Resort

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