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Escapade Burger & Shakes

Best Burger Around Riverside and Khao San Road

If you’re looking for the best spots to eat in Bangkok, and you want a burger, try Escapade Burger. Escapade Burger has the best burger in the Riverside & Khao San area. Read the full review below and directions & map of the restaurant.

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Restaurant Review Escapade Burger & Shakes

When looking for Places to Eat in Bangkok, Escapade Burger & Shakes has the best burger in the Khao San and Riverside area of Old Town in Bangkok. Quality burgers are hard to find in this area.

The Meat

The way the patty is made is just as important as the meat. Escapade uses high quality hamburger meat and they make the patty by hand. The hamburger meat is a special kind of meat from Japan called Wagyu meat. This is very expensive marbled meat. The marbling is a combination of fat vs. meat ratio, but Wagyu is about the cow too.

Fat is very important for taste and Wagyu is supposed to have a lot of fat in the meat. I did not find it was over saturated, it seems just right.  Using this kind of meat means its important how think the patties are made. Escapade makes their patties thick! This is the most important quality to me when consuming a hamburger and many places do this wrong. Escapade Burger and Shakes does this right!!!

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Small Burgers

The hamburgers are very small. They aren’t expensive if you have just one, but if you’re hungry you’ll want two. If you keep drinking, go for the fries in addition to the burger. I was there to test the meat, not the fries. Remember, the beef they use is high quality and there’s a price to pay for having a good burger in Thailand. 

The Bun

The bun is important too and this is where Escapade falls short. The bun’s were not grilled and were quite a bite bigger than the hamburger was. Maybe they wanted the bun to absorb the juices, but personally I would rather have a bun that’s slightly toasty and this one was not. I also thought it fell apart easily. Fortunately the beef was great!

Atmosphere at Escapade Burger & Shakes

Great interior design, I love the way it’s decorated. I don’t like the seats. Hard seats make for a place that either doesn’t want you to stay too long or they can’t afford a little softer seats.

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This is one very cute and fluffy bird. He’s all the way in the back if you want to say hello.

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Places to Eat in Bangkok – Escapade Burger, love the way they decorated the place.

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Review Rating *** 3 stars

I find it difficult to find a restaurant that serves great hamburger meat, thick, juicy and high quality beef that’s hand-made. It’s not about fancy toppings, it’s about great tasting beef and Escapade does it right! I will be going back again when I’m in the Riverside area. Khao San has another burger place that comes out at night on the street, but their burgers don’t come close to Escapade.

How to Find (Map Below)

Difficult to find unless you know what you’re looking for. I walked by about 3 times before I saw the place. I followed my Google Map in hand and it didn’t help that much. Here’s some Help.

Across the Villa Cha-Cha



Look for a small doorway, it’s a very narrow Restaurant but it goes way back. I did not know they had an outdoor section but you have to walk all the way to the back before finding it.

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