Places to Visit in New Mexico

Places to Visit in New Mexico

New Mexico – a Cultural Experience

There are many places to visit in New Mexico. This part of America is unique because of the past cultures along with modern day America. There are many wonderful aspects to New Mexico; chile peppers, sunrise/sunsets, Southwestern Mexican Food, restaurants, ancient ruins, and the scenery, to name a few.

Chaco Canyon – Chaco Culture National Historical Park

New Mexico is a Cultural Experience – Visiting this wonderful place is like going back in time, it represents a piece of the history of the Americas and the old west.  This is the Land of beautiful sunsets, skies and a wonderful highlight is the food. 

Chaco Culture National Historical Park is located along New Mexico 57 between Farmington and Grants.  As you drive into the park you find its a rough ride along dirt roads and a few paved roads as well. If it rains there is the possibility of flash floods.

Beware of Creeks

Drivers should be aware of the creeks, they are dry most of the time, but when it rains they can become full to the point where its dangerous to drive across. Driving in New Mexico there are many Navajo homes that are scattered across the country.

As you enter into the park you realize that New Mexico – a Cultural Experience is one of spiritual adventure. The park is part of the National Park Service.  Visitors can find potable fresh water close to the park’s main office, and the camp grounds are not far either. Park Rangers also provide tours and the Park Service trains interpretive guides that help you understand the history of this incredible place.

Places to Visit in New Mexico

Albuquerque – New Mexico Sunsets & Cloud Formations

Because of the dry weather New Mexico has some of the best sunset in the world

Sunset over Albuquerque, Places to Visit in New Mexico

 New Mexico Badlands

badlands view, Places to Visit in New Mexico
New Mexico provides some incredible landscapes opportunities for photographers.

Turquoise Trail – Ghost Towns – Madrid

Driving along the Turquoise Trail in New Mexico you are liable to find some interesting abandoned building which is where I found this cactus as seen through the window of an old ruin of the past.

Cactus in Window, Places to Visit in New Mexico,
Cactus seen through the window of a ghost town areas deserted house.

South Western Food in New Mexico

Enchilada, taco, rice and beans at El Bruno’s Restaurant, Cuba, New Mexico.

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