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Thomas Levine Photography

Thomas Levine Photography

Portfolio & Bio

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Professional Photographer & Educator

Thomas’s experience for the past 40 years has been as a Fine Arts and Advertising Photographer. His specialities are food, architecture, advertising, nature and travel photography. Tom’s photographs have been used for editorial and travel stories, numerous magazines, billboards, posters, and licensed for stock.

High Quality with Compression

All the images below were photographed using a high resolution setting on a professional DSLR or made with film. They have been reduced to low resolution and compressed for faster loading for viewing on smart phones and web browsers.

Food Photography

Sweet Rolls at De Naga Hotel
Sweet Rolls at De Naga Hotel


Plate of Burmese Food,
Burmese Dish


Dessert with Chiang Mai in background,
Tara Bistro Dessert


Shrimp Salad Thailand
Shrimp Salad Thailand


Black Bean Soup
Black Bean Soup

Architecture Photography

Shangra La Hotel Room
Shangra La Hotel Room


Hotel Corridor
Hotel Corridor


Palm Beach Theater
Palm Beach Theater


Atlantic Ocean Home Kitchen
Atlantic Ocean Home Kitchen


Tampa Bay Marriott
Tampa Bay Marriott

Advertising Photography

Cigar Aficionado Ad 2001
Cigar Aficionado Ad 2001 • 4×5 View Camera • Studio Lighting


Lalique crystal glass
Lalique crystal glass • Hasselblad Med Format Film Camera


Catalog Photography
Catalog Photography • Hasselblad Medium Format Film Camera


Catalog Dillards
Catalog Dillards • 4×5 View Camera


Poster for closet store
Poster for closet store


Nature Photography

Sunset Fort Desoto
Sunset Fort Desoto


Spider Lilly Costa Rica
Spider Lilly • Costa Rica


Wall Art Egret Everglades
Wall Art • Egret Everglades


Ahinga Costa Rica
Ahinga • Costa Rica


Grass Stream Yellowstone National Park
Grass Stream • Yellowstone National Park

Travel Photography

Wat Phrathat Temple Chiang Mai, Thailand
Wat Phrathat Temple • Chiang Mai, Thailand
Kings Birthday 2016




Bearded man with wood snakes,
Khao San Road • ‘Snake Man’


‘A Road Less Traveled’ • Cambodia

Fine Art Photography

Pt-Reyes • California


Children Book • Brain Storm


Bayshore Palm (Award Winner) Limited Edition 24x36
Bayshore Palm • (Award Winner) • Limited Edition 24×36


Crossed Leopard
Crossed Leopard • Dark Room Solarization Process

Bio: Thomas Levine Photography

Breathtaking photography with skill, talent, passion

Thomas Levine is a multifaceted photographer whose eclectic interests have guided him to train in various disciplines, from the intricate and painstaking art of commercial photography to the passionate capture of wildlife, fine art, and travel photography .

Levine can trace his development as a creative professional to his youth. His paternal grandmother was a painter; his mother, an interior designer, each contributing creative gifts from both sides of the family. Growing up in Omaha, Neb., he enjoyed helping his mother create window designs for the retail store his parents owned. That is, by the way, where he also picked up a handy business acumen.

It was architecture that first captured Levine’s eye when he picked up a camera at the age of 14. He continued pursuing his fascination with photography, and started a disciplined study of it at Arizona State University, where he also concentrated in Biology, Zoology, Botany and Physics.

Moving into the world of commercial photography, Levine became renown as an architectural and advertising photographer. He and his wife moved to Tampa, Fl. in 1987, which is where he discovered the precise and demand discipline of photographing jewelry. It was during this time that Levine mastered the intricacies of his craft. Levine commercial photography business took off during his second year of business doing extensive photographic work which was displayed for Bloomingdales, Dillards, Dayton and Hudson department stores.

Working with the intricacies of a 4×5 camera helped teach him about lighting, design and tolerances of exposures, cropping, color contrasts and other concepts.

Levine has studied under several renowned teachers:

– Ryszard Horowitz, internationally renowned advertising photographer, expert in special effects and digital imaging.

– Bruce Dale, landscape photographer, specialist in computer manipulation, photographer for “National Geographic.”

– Jim Britt, celebrity photographer from Los Angeles, photos featured on cover of “People & Time” magazine and past ABC TV on-location photographer.

– Norman McGrath, architectural photographer, author of “Photographing Buildings Inside and Out.”

– Dennis Yankus, advertising photographer, for whom Levine assisted for two years.

By 1999, Levine was pioneering digital photography. He had started mastering Photoshop in 1995, when the concept of digital photography, managed by the Photoshop program, was in its infancy.

Levine went on to serve as President and CEO of a media company where he managed the graphic design division, as well as acting as art director and lead advertising photographer.  The company produced advertising photography, CD-ROM, Internet, video and design work.

In 2010 Tom relocated to the Fort Lauderdale, Florida area. Travel photography became Tom’s emphasis as he travel in SE Asia. Currently Thomas developing online photography courses during his down times in Asia.

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