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    Photography Contests Entered and Won

    Thomas Levine has only entered two photography contests in his life and won both, 2004 & 2014. Thomas feels that professionals generally should not pay to enter contests because they charge clients, not pay to to distribute their work unless its an ad.  Contests normally charge photographers to enter their work and many professional object to paying to enter a photograph. Both of these contests had no entry fee and provided a way for showing the pubic Thomas’s work.

     2014 Grand Teton National Park in-house Photography Contest

    grand teton,
    Won in-house Grand Teton National Park Photography contest 2014. NPS issued annual pass tickets with this image in 2015.

    Thomas Levine: Winner of 2004 Tampa Photography Contest

    bayshore blvd, tampa Florida Photography,
    City of Tampa Contest winner 2004













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