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Restaurants in Chiang Mai

Best Mexican Food in Chiang Mai

There are many restaurants in Chiang Mai and Loco Elvis serves both American and Mexican Food. Recently they added Thai food to their menu. Quality and Quantity, you won’t go away hungry and you will be happy. Large menu along with drinks and entertainment at night.

Loco Elvis – Mexican Food in Chiang Mai

Beef Fajitas (below) are marinated. Chicken Fajitas in Chiang Mai, Vegetable Fajitas in Chiang Mai are also offered at Loco Elvis Mexican food Menu. Loco Elvis could boast having the Best Mexican Food in Chiang Mai and I would agree. 

Fajitas, estaurants in Chiang Mai,
Beef Fajitas served at Loco Elvis. Best Mexican Restaurant Chiang Mai.

Loco Elvis Tacos

They have very good tacos at Loco Elvis. Lots of beef and cheese and good taco sauce is also available if you ask for something hotter. The taco shells were good, crunchy and cheese in SE Asia is rare so if you want something different in Chiang Mai, try the Mexican food.

Tacos on a plate, Restaurants in Chiang Mai,
Loco Elvis Tacos which were filled with cheese and good quality beef.

Chiang Mai Western Burger

Loco Elvis is more than just Mexican Food, Loco Elvis hamburgers are 100% beef and there are several to choose from.

Hamburger, Restaurants in Chiang Mai
100% beef Hamburger at Loco Elvis. This one they served plain but they will add cheese if requested.

Chiang Mai Thai Food

Try the Loco Elvis Thai Food. It not only looks good but its a great addition to their already large menu.

Thai food, Restaurants in Chiang Mai

Store front Loco Elvis, Restaurants in Chiang Mai

Address: MoonMuang Rd Lane 5, Mueang Chiang Mai District, Chiang Mai 50300
Phone:088 493 3303

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