Siem Reap Old Market

Siem Reap Old Market

Fresh Food Isle

The Siem Reap Old Market is a place where the traveler can find original Cambodian products. The food market is worth the trip because of the varied foods such as very fresh fish, vegetable, poultry, and about anything you can think of.

Siem Reap is a small city but it’s best known for being a big tourism location. The Angkor Wat Temples are a big draw. The Siem Reap Old Market sells handmade items such jewelry. Cambodians also sell the food they grow, name brand but knock off designer clothes, jewelry, silks and hundreds of other tourism related products. This Old Market is not known by locals for being the best place in town to shop, but the tourists love this unique place. Be expected to negotiate for the best price when you find something you like. They often ask much more than what they will settle for.

Check out the video below and see how the fresh food in Cambodia market works. After a day roaming around the Angkor ruins, who couldn’t go for a good cup of hot Cow stomach soup or deep-fried scorpions? 

Cambodia Food Market – Old Market Siem Reap

Cambodians selling their fresh vegetables, Siem Reap Old Market
Vegetable growers selling their goods at the Old Market in Siem Reap.
Name band shorts for sale, Siem Reap Old Market,
Sometimes there are knock-offs clothing brands for sale. Some of the name brands are manufactured here, maybe they are the real thing? Probably not, but they aren’t bad when you can find them. Polo made in Cambodia, and Columbia made in Cambodia are two of the many brands available.
hundreds of plucked chickens, Siem Reap Old Market
Either this lady is in charge of selling chickens, or she is running a chicken school and she asked for a hands up to see if any chicken know the answer to “who knows whats for dinner”? Cambodians sell their produce, chickens, fish, beef, pork, and many other kinds of food including sea food are sold here.
Cambodian woman with pull cart, Siem Reap Old Market,
This lady is on Pub street and is bringing her goods to market to sell at the Old Market in Siem Reap, Cambodia.
Inside the Old Market, Siem Reap Old Market,
Isle after isle where you can find name brand cloths and bargain down to low prices. Most name brands are knock offs but very popular. Clothes, jewelry, fresh vegetables and other foods line the isles.

World Wide Visitors

The people who visit this popular tourist attraction and market come from all over the world. Chinese, Europeans, Canadians, Japanese, Australians, and American tourists. The second language here is English, a common language for most tourists. An exception to that is that many Chinese who often come in large groups do not speak any English.

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