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Sushi in Singapore Genki Sushi Singapore

Future of Restaurants – iPad Ordering

Sushi in Singapore in a city with many restaurants is s holiday for the many tourists because of the amount of choices. At Genki Sushi Singapore we had great sushi at reasonable prices. Genki Sushi is advanced and futuristic with their iPad ordering and rail delivery systems. Singapore is a futuristic city and after visiting this restaurant, its a novel idea. It’s worth a try and fun to do.

Electronic Ordering Helps with Faster Service

Each table is equipped with an iPad for automated ordering. Then your food comes to you by rail as a small train pulls your food to you. The need for a service person is reduced, but they are there to help guide you on how to work the system. More below…

sushi in Singapore,
ipad ordering device

Food Delivery System

Each item ordered is delivered to you on a small plate.  The system is restricted and only so many items can be delivered at the same time. You can order 4 different plates of food, each one like the one  in the photo below. The sushi chefs prepared our dinner quickly and delivery is easy. The waitress instructed us on the limitations of the iPad and how to order the food using their system.

Sushi in Singapore is Very Entertaining

Our first visit we did not know the food was delivered by rail, it just showed up next to our table, and we were just floored at how the cool and efficient the system worked.  Our order came out on something like a children’s train set that flies around their track right up to your table. The system beeps until diners take the plates off the service rail car. Yes, you actually have to take the plate from the rail car and set it on your table.

salmon rolls, Sushi in Singapore,
Salomon rolls, another small order is delivered to us by train.

Sushi plates as Ordered by Auto Delivery System

fish on plates, Sushi in Singapore,
Shrimp and sushi, our dinner for the night.

Genki Sushi with Computerized ordering and Rail Delivery

Our table was outfitted with chop sticks (and tooth picks) in a drawer along with napkins, powered green tea and hot water. Ginger is also in a container along with soy sauce. It’s very well thought out when you order Sushi in Singapore.

photo of the restaurant, Sushi in Singapore
Each table is outfitted with chop sticks in a drawer, napkins, powered green tea and hot water.

Singapore at Night (click on photo)


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