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Thailand Adventure Tour – Kwai River

Kanchanaburi War Memorials – Part ll

The local Thai population around Kwai River may know what happened here in WW ll, it was a long time ago, but most of Thailand’s population does not know the history here.

The Kwai River area is a big tourism area; people come here to see not only the famous bridge over the Kwai River in Kanchanaburi, but also the Memorial Cemetery, the Jeath Prisoner of War Museum and to ride the train to Hell Fire Pass or Nam Tok, the end of the line.  This is a place in history and to acknowledge and honor the Allied prisoners who dead here in WW ll.

Entrance to War Cemetery, Kwai River Adventure,
Kanchanaburi War Cemetery Front Entrance
Entrance to the cemetery, Kwai River Adventure,
Inside the War Cemetery

Kwai River: Learn About the History

The Memorial Cemetery – Kanchanaburi

There is no way anyone could you fully understand the brutality the prisoners endured from the Japanese Army, unless you experienced it yourself. I don’t approach photography like a tourist, I get my work done first then go back and try to appreciate the place I’m visiting.  

Emotional Journey

There are powerful emotions here, I could feel it, there was so much pain and suffering when these men died, your emotions can get the best of you here. I found it difficult to walk out of the cemetery, there was a draw here, a feeling of desperation before death. First time I have ever felt that!



A feeling of sadness came over me before I finished my photography. The long walk to leave the cemetery grounds was emotional, I had to stop several times.  I didn’t want to just leave here and not honor all these men that gave their lives and could never go home to their families again. The more I tried to leave, the more feelings of sadness I had. It’s worth a visit here because of the history and beauty.


WW2 Graves at Memorial Cemetery.
WWII Graves at Memorial Cemetery.

Brutal Conditions Building the Bridge on the River Kwai

These prisoners of war had to survive the high heat, poor nutrition, broken legs and arms, beatings, mosquitos, malaria, long hours in the sun all with little to no medicine. You feel it here!  That is why I took so many photos and included them in this story. I wanted to show you this area, the beauty of their achievement. This is all there is left to show. You can see there was pride here in what the Prisoners of War built.

Jeath Prisoner of War Museum – Kanchanaburi

Kwai-war-museum, Kwai River Adventure,
Inside the Jeath Prisoner of War Museum
Prisoners walk the rail, Kwai River, Death Railway,
1945 Photograph of soldiers walking along Death Railway,
Hot humid nights on hard sleeping surfaces for these Prisoners of War


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    1. It’s a beautiful but wild area and not a good place for these prisoners to endure what they did. Thank you for the comment Ursula.

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